Sale falling through and an apology to Gareth

Before we go into the big news of the day i.e., the takeover collapse I want to offer an apology. Gareth Southgate is a long- standing dislike of mine and one of my least likely choices to manage a whelk stall. It is therefore with great humility that I should apologize and congratulate him on ignoring the London media trying to influence his team selection.

December 4, 2022

Blues nailed by the Hammers

Blues first defeat in the Conti Cup against West Ham was disappointing but if you look at the stats blues had more shots on target more shots than the WSL side, so it is not so disappointing then it seems.

December 2, 2022

From Qatar to Meadowbank, Snooker and some lad from Stourbridge

World Cup first week was interesting, but my match of the week was FC Edinburgh v Alloa Athletic at the Meadowbank Stadium. Built originally for the Commonwealth Games it has been completely rebuilt and seats a massive 500 (five hundred). Having booked early we found our seats and immediately moved to somewhere better. The food was ghastly, but the games exceeded all expectations. FC Edinburgh (formally Edinburgh City.

November 27, 2022

The Blues end up singing “Rockin Robin”

After the disappointment of the result against London City some blues fans could have been worrying against an undefeated Bristol City side who have been in my view the team to beat for the title and who have outstanding since the beginning of the season, but this blues side have got fight and believe in the squad finally also great to see Layla Banaras who made it into the matchday squad a proud moment for her and her family.

November 23, 2022

Winter break, football in Scotland and Two Drowned rats

The winter break is upon us and after a bit of a tail off by the Bluenose Nation we start to think about the most ill timed and irrelevant World Cup in history. That’s if you don’t count the last World Cup in Russia of course. Putin’s party impressed no-one, and his invasion of Ukraine was no surprise either.

November 21, 2022

Tilton Talks coverage of BCFC Women is sponsored by Garrison Coffee Company Former Bluenoses Sarah Ewen & Jamie Lee Napier come back to haunt a blues side who looked tired, the player of the match SHANADE HOPCROFT put in a...

November 12, 2022

From Potteries to Swans the Blue boys continue to show their fight

Two games with two good performances put us over that middle line into positive territory. Its what the Yanks call “over 500” or a winning season. With one game to go before World Cup break the chance is there to cement that position and push up to a genuine “fringe of the play-offs”.

November 10, 2022

Sky TV, Wonder Goals and a half time cuppa

Well as I said last week the best way to win games is to be 2-0 up with 20 minutes to go. JE’s Blue power carried that out to the letter against QPR on Friday night Live on Sky. The World was watching and the poor old Sky crew who had talked about QPR like they were the second coming for over an hour found the Londoners two-zip down and looking very second rate.

November 5, 2022

Playing the top trio, momentum continues and missing chances

Blackburn Rovers of Ewood Park is a club whose home has allowed BCFC one win since 1969. Yes 1969! Don’t think that last week’s match where Blues handed out a complete football lesson and the three points was anything unusual. How I remember being 3-1 up with David Dunn scoring against his old club and Robbie Savage bagged a brace against his soon to be new club. The final score 3-3!

October 28, 2022
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