The moment we have all been waiting for, that moment that can kick start our tournament is hopefully upon us.  WHO ELSE but the boy made in Birmingham to be the catalyst for what we hope sends belief through the squad.  I said in the last report that we were waiting for something to happen, that we needed a moment and what a moment it was.

The press wanted Jude to not even been starting and his performances perhaps justify this but when it matters and I mean really matters you need your big players to step up and do something.  Jude did just that, as did Harry Kane who is another one people wanted dropped.  When we are playing like we are you need your match winners and this game proved that more than any.

As a team we were shocking!  The majority of fans only stayed in the ground because they wanted to vent their anger at the end of the game towards the Manager.  90 seconds away from elimination and humiliation turns into the 30,000+ England fans singing Sweet Caroline and booking flights to Dusseldorf next week.  Its a funny old game football but that’s why we love it.  We crave those moments and pray that we are there to witness them, to get 2 moments in quick succession should hopefully swing some momentum our way as we desperately need it.

The performance isn’t good enough, individuals haven’t been good enough, the manager hasn’t been good enough, yet here we are 3 games from bringing football home with Switzerland coming next.  If you would have offered us this route before the tournament then we’d have snapped your hands off.

No point dwelling on anything and trying to dissect what is going wrong, we’d honestly be here all day with different formations and tactics we believe should be played.  Reality is we are now 1 of 8 teams who can win this tournament so let’s hit the restart button and see where we end up.

I’d have sacked him Monday, I don’t think he is good enough.  I still don’t think he is good enough but what he might be is lucky and if luck can get this over the line then so be it.  I’m tired of waiting now, let’s not do a Belgium and waste this pool of talent, let’s laugh in the faces of the so called Golden Generation and go and win this now, we’ve never had a better chance have we?  Oh yeah the last Euro’s when this Manager bottled it.

Whatever happens in the next game if we progress of not, one thing is for certain England will move on managerially from Southgate regardless.  The fans no longer want him, the players still don’t believe in him and when that happens there is only one way to go.

Forward to Dusseldorf.

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  1. our manager is a nightmare,!!!!but,as you say, he is lucky, and to win tournaments you have to be lucky….but the worst case scenario is that the FA give him another contract!!!!!!!

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