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Hey I’m Nick Spall. I stumbled across the show by accident one night when I was wallpapering at home. At the end of the show, Chris Browne put an appeal out for anyone with any kind of experience that wanted to volunteer to get in touch – so I did and am now on my 10th season. Highs (not many) and the lows, no matter what, the show goes on.

Hey I’m Chris Browne aka Mrs Browne. Tilton Talk and it’s forerunner the Forza Show had its roots in late 2010, I began with Mike Harris experiment with a Speedway show at first broadcasting on the internet live to around 6 people..7 on a good week. The idea of a football show followed, again broadcasting to 3 or 4 people. I stuck with it as I knew there was nothing like it at the time and it gave fans a great platform to interact. Here is we are today… something of a phenomenon, going out all over the world and with a list of guests any “mainstream” media would be very proud of.

Hi I’m Claire…yes it’s only tea in the mug! I’ve supported blues all my life. I remember being 4 years old and not being allowed to go to Wembley and I cried and I knew from then how much I loved the club. My first game I remember is the Watford game where we lost. I was heartbroken. Also going to Cardiff and seeing blues lose and then win. The feeling of reaching the premier league was amazing. Then watching us play premier league football and then in Europe after that famous day at Wembley. Recently, I’m part of her game too and joined the Tilton talk show as a guest then become part of the team. Going to home and away games. I love it! Always optimistic and hoping we do well. Keep right on! 

(9) Claire Giblin | Facebook

Hello! My name is Mark Adams (aka’Mr Robe’) lifelong blues fan and season ticket holder for many years….. I was lucky enough to come across the show one evening back in 2015 as I was trawling through social media. I was immediately drawn in by like minded blue souls talking passionately about our beloved club! Since then I have had the pleasure of engaging, interacting and co presenting the show. Its what mondays are really for!!!! ‘

Hey I’m Craig Courtney a season ticket holder of 27 years. I have seen highs, lows, joys and sorrows but still remain a blue. I first came across TTS after a friend said give it a listen. I was then asked by Chris to support with promoting Twitter and also building the content on Facebook. TTS has gone from strength to strength with local and international followers

Hi i’m Alan Watton nicknamed the ‘Chairman’ and compiler of Watto’s Weekly. Watching Blues in 8 decades, son of a former player. First Game v Valencia 1959. Visits to St Andrews 2000+ Seen Blues on 145 venues. Opposition most seen- West Brom. Most Blues Games in 1 season 146. Favourite opposition player Jimmy Greaves.

I’m Adam Wilkes, I’m a mad bluenose and have had the fortune of having a season ticket the last 5 years. I stumbled across Tilton Talk just over two years ago after a mate told me about it – watched one show and was hooked. I enjoyed all the insights into the club, the banter, the community feel and the general love of all things BCFC. So since joining I’ve felt very much part of the Tilton Talk family and hope to help bring it even more success in the coming seasons of BCFC, joys and sorrows. KRO. Adam

I was born in Birmingham in 1984 where I followed in my dads footsteps of being a Bluenose, my 1st game was as a 4 year old way back in 1988 but my first real memory would be the 1991 season and my 1st ever trip to Wembley to see us beat Tranmere 3-2 in the Leyland Daf cup. I continued to watch Blues both home and away from that year.

After graduating college I began to work with Birmingham City Football Club, While at the club I worked as Football Administrator at St Andrews Stadium and began coaching in their “Community department”, Before being promoted to full time “Academy Administrator” where I would oversee all youth registrations and contracts and “Staff Coach” in the club’s Academy, where he coached all ages groups from 5-18 years old.

I like many have experienced promotions, relegations, cup final wins and been lucky enough to follow Blues around Europe. I am now currently living in Texas USA coaching “soccer” (football) full time but continuing to watch Blues every week on Blues TV aswell as being apart of the Tilton Talk show


Hi I’m Stephen Gill, It was in 2013 and I asked my dad if we could go to watch blues women in champions league against Zorky. On that day he said yes and Blues smashed them 5-2, I have loved them ever since . I also love the men’s team and have followed them since the Ron Saunders days . My favourite players ever are for the women’s Laura Bassett and for the men’s Steve Claridge.

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