Guests for the 5th April

On Monday 5th April we are bringing you two Easter guests. Our first guest is one of our European squad who played in central defence.

Born on 12th September 1980 in Sterling, Scotland, Stephen Caldwell made over 300 appearances at the top level and finally ended his playing career in Canada. Stephen started his professional career at Newcastle before loan moves to Bradford , Blackpool and Leeds. In 2004 Stephen crossed the north east divide and joined Sunderland before landing further permanent moves to Burnley and Wigan. In 2011 Stephen joined Blues where he stayed for the next 3 seasons making 77 appearances across all competitions scoring 1 goal. Whilst at Blues, Stephen was a leader on and off the field whose experience helped during the amazing European run under Chris Hughton. In 2013 Stephen made a loan move to Toronto FC before making that loan permanent. He went on to make 40 appearances before retiring in 2015. During Stephen’s career he also gained 12 full caps for Scotland.

After his playing career ended Stephen went on to become President of League 1 Ontario club Oakville Blue Devils FC. Stephen is also assistant coach for John Herdman on the Canada National team.

Leighton Webster Fan Cam

This week we welcome a fan who is frequently posting on Tilton Talk and loves the last 15 section. We are this week joined by Mike Woods. We have asked Mike about his first game, favourite players and managers, his favourite pie and of course his memories of our player guest.

 Blues v Leeds 1985. Memories. Never seen anything like it when they ripped up the ground. I was 15. I remember the hot dog stand been passed down the terraces at one point. Absolutely scared stiff I was. I was with my dad. We left at half time when the coppers were coming in with riot shields. Worst part of the day for me was the memories of the Bradford fire, think they lost 56 that day we lost 1 when a wall got pushed over and crushed a poor young lad.

Favourite player and manager

Favourite player of all time Mark Ward. What he could do with the ball has never been replicated in my lifetime at St. Andrews. He could thread the ball through the eye of a needle and didn’t mind a battle either.

Probably my favourite manager was the bald eagle Jim Smith. Always liked the way he organised teams and his knowledge was second to none. Took no prisoners and took no crap off anyone. Brucie? He got us to the promised land. Saying that Monk did something for our club that made him memorable, He got the fans believing again until they sacked him. For me though it has to be Jim Smith.

Most memorable game and favourite Pie ?

Blues v Ipswich semi final Worthington Cup. I swear that ground was moving that night. Unbelievable.

Can’t beat a pukka pie, steak for me. The best every pie I’ve ever had though was a meat and potato pie that came in a tray at York City many years ago. Worth the entrance fee alone.

What do you remember about our special guest ?

Steven Caldwell was for me, a very under rated footballer. He could organise a defence and knew how to get the best from all around him. I remember him for his stand out performances whilst in Europe. He commanded the area around the 18 yard box like Liam Daish used to which I loved. Maybe not so intimidating as Daishy though. Pity we never had him earlier in his career and for longer

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