Lockdown Legends and 12 months of fun

So March 2020 was the beginning and who would have thought that 12 months later we would still be out of stadiums and not watching our beloved team in person. I have had a look back over the past 12 months on Tilton Talk Show and what a 12 months its has been.

Rewind to April 2020 and we decided as a team that we needed to help our viewers and fans by continuing with the show even though we had no live football to talk about. Fast forward to March 2021, 45 special guests and a 10 year Carling Cup anniversary later and we are still going. Tilton Talk has gone from strength to strength with new and exciting guests being agreed all the time. We have had Lee Carsley talking about his time at the club along with his families love for the second city, Ian Bennett telling us stories of pranks and passionate teams, Lee Clark explaining what was happening whilst he was in charge and his upset at being sacked, Liam Ridgewell and his funny stories, Liam Daish’s story of stopping a coach to place a bet and donating a signed shirt that helped to raise over £200 on its own, Ricky Otto’s stories of Taity and him before the Wembley trip, oh and his pre match rituals. Lets also not forget that amazing interview with a very honest Robbie Savage where I lost count of the amount of times he said sorry.

It has though not just been a year of interviews, it has also been an opportunity for us to support others through the unprecedented time that is this pandemic. The messages of support that helped Blues Fan Leighton Webster fight back after 3 months in a coma, the backing of local business’s whilst they have struggled, over £2000 raised for charities and worth while causes and the constant support for everyone.

It has been a whirlwind of a 12 months but for us it has been fun, we have all learnt new things, made new friends but most of all have been here for each other. Whilst we will have a break at the end of the season, we will not stop working to bring you new guests. The 2021/22 season already has its first guest booked and more will follow. Don’t forget you can catch all of our lockdown legend shows on our YouTube page or listen via all good Podcast streamers

Thank you for all of your support and listening in as after all Its what Mondays are for.

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