Fans react to today’s loss at home to Southampton.

Proud of us. Never a red. Improved from the away game. We r in deep trouble and that lies with the Rooney era and cook. Got to start getting results as others around us r getting them. We’re Birmingham city and we will fight till the end!

The stats don’t really show how we feel tbh that has a bit of officials robbing us which stats don’t show

With the way the other teams are winning now it looks like they are going to have to win about 5 games to stay up,a big week Hull and Millwall away two tough games,not too optimistic.

Can’t keep blaming the officials the players just aren’t good enough

People talking about 11 players leaving next year and a reset and we’ll be OK. We’ll wouldn’t it just be blues to go down after being taken over

Officials a disgrace from 1st minute, never a red card and that should be rescinded now, their first offside bur we are Birmingham City FC and we continue to fight we never do anything the easy way.

Gutted but proud of the way we never gave in, Never a Red Card, hopefully we’ll Appeal the red card, After Rooney Completely wrecked our team, it was always going to be hard, But in TM I Believe in, We’ll Stay Up. KRO

Gutted selling KL could come back to hunt us but are defending for the goals about from Brooks which was a world class strike where poor to concede no leaders no organisation . With QPR sorting out the defence getting a ridiculous win over Leicester City we are outside of the relegation zone. You cannot keep on playing Russian roulette and keep on getting away with it . It will catch up with you eventually. Hopefully we can get out of this but I’m worried . My POM Ruddy he kept us in the game. #bcfc #Kro

The table doesn’t look great but we aren’t in the bottom 3 yet! I saw a lot of positives today against one of the best sides we have had visit us, aside from the fact we put 3 past them and had a ref who is obviously a Southampton season ticket holder. Lots of winnable games to come, lots of points, and nobody goes down in march KRO

We’ve rode our luck for several seasons and this year, it could run out. In previous seasons, all the defence chipped in with goals but this season, that area has dried up with 1 all season from Sanderson, maybe time to admit we are not too good for the championship. I’ll be at Hull desperate for 3 points KRO


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  1. We seemed to have solved the problem of not scoring enough goals but we are leaking far too many.55 goals is far too many and it wants to be addressed asap.We have gone from being a tight unit at the back to being too loose.

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