Atmosphere, Ownership, Demonstrations and farewell

The goings on at St Andrews over the last few weeks have seen embarrassing defeats, questions asked about the Manager, the Chief Exec and the Director of Football. One only has to look at the state of the country to realize that bad management and bad leadership causes division. It sets comrade against comrade and in the case of Birmingham City fan against fan.

For the last match of the season plans may be afoot to invade the pitch as part of a protest against the Blues ownership. Let’s get things straight it’s a bad idea. An abandoned match will land the club into deep poop. Fines, points deduction and ironically ground closures would certainly be on the cards. Remember 2 years ago some idiot ran on the pitch and took a swing at an Aston player. The Club were heavily fined and warned about future conduct. We are still in that future and the FA and the EFL don’t forget.

Do the protesting outside Please!

Chris Skudder the Sky reporter and fellow Bluenose Tweeted that there was no atmosphere at St Andrews and that was caused by the closed areas. While I admit that it doesn’t help, there are at least half of the EFL grounds that have vast areas of unused seating. Fulham have had a stand closed for three years now and it seems not to affect them. Huddersfield, Barnsley, Middlesbrough, Millwall and several more have vast swathes of unused seats. Many have not seen a backside this century.

When Blues went 2-0 up against Coventry the place was rocking. 10 minutes later the place was in a coma, brought on by the inability of BCFC to defend corners not by the condition of the Stadium.

And what about the state of the ground? MS Brady told us she would create a ground to be proud of. Well. she didn’t. A specification for 25 years has run out and the current owners ignored the end of that time after being warned the Stand was not fit for purpose. Bad management? Terrible!

Our new CEO has promised to get the stand back in use as soon as possible but giving the lack of readies available would you repair it when frankly there is no demand for it to be repaired? An effective ‘protest’ would be to sell out for the Blackburn game and then bombard the club for 5-6000 tickets. That would be over £4m lost a year because those seats can’t be sold. I guarantee you would see some action then . This is Watto’ signing off for the season and wishing every Bluenose a blissful summer and remember the season restarts on July 30th 2022

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