Atmosphere, Ownership, Demonstrations and farewell

The goings on at St Andrews over the last few weeks have seen embarrassing defeats, questions asked about the Manager, the Chief Exec and the Director of Football. One only has to look at the state of the country to realize that bad management and bad leadership causes division. It sets comrade against comrade and in the case of Birmingham City fan against fan.

April 30, 2022

From St Andrews to the tower but results did not change

My plan was to do my Watto’s weekly after the local Derby with Coventry. Such was my devastation after the 2-4 drubbing, I was in such a low that the whole Watto-BCFC relationship was almost done. In the spirit of Easter and renewal of life I find myself writing this as we move towards the kick off in Blackpool.

April 18, 2022

26, 27, 29 where’s 28 – International duty and the new boy wonder.

Welcome to FITS 29. The more observant of you will have noted that FITS 28 did not appear. Frankly there was not much Blues news to write home about. The International break was taken up by the suitability of Jude Bellingham to be a fixture in the England team. At least it was in my case. The necessity of me repeating the blindingly obvious was mute. You all know what I think and it seemed pointless to repeat it.

April 7, 2022

Blues last two games summed up in a few words “Good, Bad and downright Ugly”

Lee’s usual stance is to look for positives however few, point out the short-comings and always complement the effort. The performance on Tuesday was such that positives were impossible to recall and more depressing the effort was not mentioned.  The Boss for whom I, and most Blues supporters have complete faith looked a tired and broken man. His answers were evasive and he was unable to explain what had gone on the previous 98 minutes. Zero shots on target and goals conceded that would have embarrassed to a Pub Team’s 2nd XI.

March 17, 2022

Birmingham 8 Bristol 2 and 1 draw !!

Avid readers of this column will no doubt recall that I said that Bristol City’s Ashton Gate had been a happy hunting ground for the Boys in Blue over recent years and expected a decent result. As that other renown Warwickshire literary giant might have said “Beware the Ides of March!”. It’s amazing that Blues seasons, good bad or indifferent, dip in January and February only to revive in the Windy month.

March 10, 2022

Injuries before kick off, defenders dropping like fly’s and 12 tennis balls

When you settle down in your seat and before you have drunk your Bovril, you find one of your players has already gone down injured, you know its not your team’s day. Add to that its your most in-form striker and you don’t need my 62 years of watching the Boys in Blue to believe that your journey to St Andrews may have been a waste of time.

March 4, 2022

No defence but scoring for fun and an inspired keeper

A couple of weeks ago watching the Peterborough v Reading relegation battle at London Road my attention was attracted by the six-foot plus 19 years old keeper on loan from Arsenal. He virtually kept the Posh at bay on his own. Inevitably he was pretty much an impassible obstruction to Blues who dominated the game at Reading last night. Several point-blank stops frustrated Lee Bowyer’s men and it was ironic that our goal eventually was an O.g. Hein reminded me of Jack Butland and already has 13 caps

February 24, 2022

From ranting about the football to shouting with pride

Those who read my rant from last week which painted a pretty chaotic situation at B9 might be smiling at what happened at the weekend. I know I am. Those players and management who managed to come up with a three-nil victory over play off chasing Luton, in spite of our dour situation, were magnificent. An exciting front line all netted and although having only one defender in a recognized position kept a clean sheet.

February 17, 2022


When we were approaching the transfer window the cry was to improve our firepower and add a bit of guile to the midfield. So, the guy in charge, Craig Gardener, set about doing just that. In came Lyle Taylor, Juninho Bacuna, Onel Hernandez and Taylor Richards. Fantastic signings are they not? Richards of course we signed injured and got Covid as soon as he stepped through the door. If he actually ever did step through the door.

February 11, 2022
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