From a perfect women to a not so perfect performance

In a past life someone asked me who I thought was the nearest to the perfect woman. I immediately thought of Delia Smith. The reasons were that she was attractive, had a few quid, owned a football club and almost certainly after the match would serve up some decent grub.

February 23, 2023

Wattos Verdict-HTAFC-BCFC

Alans short video rant on the defeat at the weekend, do you agree? Feel free to leave your comments below. You can listen to Alan and the rest of the Tilton Talk Show mob every Monday live on Facebook and Youtube

February 20, 2023

A trio of wins and sky get it right.

How Do you boys in Blue. If you are anything like me you have been so far over the moon this week that I may have bumped my head on Mars. Swansea 3 Blues 4. Wow that still sounds good. Of course if you are Jeff Stelling and reading this it may be the first time that you have got the score the right way round

February 12, 2023

No tv, no streams but radio and a deadline day signing

Short, not so sweet in this week’s offering. Tuesday saw our FA cup dreams die for the 148th year in succession. After an encouraging display at a cold and windy Ewood Park Blues fans were hoping, if not expecting, that new spirit, founded on new signing Reda Khadra would bear fruit. With the Club unable to open the whole ground or even broadcast the match on their own TV channel the whole occasion was a damp squid.

February 2, 2023

I will travel 400 miles and I will travel 400 more

Hi Bluenoses. On a scale of 1 to 10 how good are you feeling? Personally, I am a begrudging 2. I am sure my regular readers know that I have been watching Blues close to 64 years and now make a 400 mile round trip to every home game. I can hear your yawns going already. However in those 8 decades we have actually had relatively few owners. 

January 29, 2023

Am I dreaming or is it a Saturday Game at home and 3pm

A tricky Cup tie was successfully negotiated at Forest Green in the most inhospitable circumstances. The Vegan world that is the New Lawn in Nailsworth where the visiting fan can find no Bovril or milk produced from a cow is no place for a real football fan.

January 21, 2023
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