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Hi Bluenoses, everywhere.

Well, we are a month into the new year and so far under the new manager we have gained 4 points in the league. At the start of the gaffer’s reign, we were 7 points from the relegation zone. We are now four. Tonight, we face a Sheffield Wednesday team reeling from two four goal hammerings in a week. One against Huddersfield who had sacked their manager and have been languishing just below us and one place above the trap door of oblivion. Not winning tonight will put us in dire straits staring that annual relegation battle clearly in the face.

The hiring of the previous manager began the relegation battle. His inability to manage. coach or understand what his job entailed was in fact a gamble with our very future which has left a question mark over the owner’s ability to run a football club. In their favour they have received a cash injection via “the Rooney effect” and their inventive and exciting naming rights scheme is bordering on brilliant. It would be even better if like the American relegation wasn’t part of the football set up. It. Is however.

The £20m we have secured is at the cost of over 40 points. It’s like having £2Om and being invited to jump off Beachy Head to justify the payment. Do I think we will be relegated? Probably not. Having faced an 11-year battle to stay in this league and having had the idea of a comfortable season bordering on play-offs snatched away from the Bluenoses irks me somewhat.

Before you accuse me of being a negative old cynic, I would like to put it on record that I probably am. Back in October I like all Bluenoses were ecstatic. Major money men had bought our club and talked of their plans which were exciting and plausible. Then in a moment it appeared to be taken away. The positive things the owners have done I cannot thank them enough. Howeverfrom my position the price of my football has rocketed, I am still sitting on a stiff and broken seat, peeing in a dungeon, and have to arrive an hour before kick off to get any refreshment. £3 for a cup of tea which is double what my father got for playing. 

What ever happens tonight we wont score 4 or keep a clean sheet. We may well get further injuries and with our Yellow card count getting higher suspensions are inevitable. Safe trip to all you beautiful people who are travelling and I hope the sunshine which has just enveloped Sussex follows you north and keeps you warm.

.See Ya Monday

God Bless the Bluenoses 

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MONDAY FEB 9th 2024

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  1. Sadly, unlike you, I do think relegation is a very likely prospect. We have only one player who looks likely to score, and the defence seems to think that part of its role is to offer the other team free opportunities on goal. I am seriously worried, if you struggle every season, eventually the trapdoor opens. My question is, will Cook do the decent thing and resign if we do go down? All this mess is at his door, putting his mate’s career, ahead of the people who pay his wages. In fact if we stay up will he do the decent thing and resign? With his record can we risk him being in charge when we might have the opportunity to actually spend some “big” money?

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