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As we stand its 27 hours before the fate of our club is decided. No time now to afford blame to the incompetents who have been running our football. We were never great under previous owners. The organisation of our football at first team level has been ridiculous.

We stand therefore on the edge of an abyss. Promises of great things to come are just put aside until the reality of our situation is made clear. League 1 football is not what I signed up for and yes I will purchase a season ticket regardless. Personally I unround trip undertake a 15 hour round trip which cost £45 a time. I shall be very selective.

Tomorrow the noose tightens and as we gaze on the possibility of visiting Crawley, Exeter, Burton,Wrexham and others who until recently were non-league. There is a possibility of a reprieve, but the truth is that we can win tomorrow and still go down.

A draw tomorrow and a 5-0 defeat for Plymouth will save us. It’s  a possibility but it’s unlikely and not a scenario we want to contemplate. We have to win and one of the three above us have to lose. Plymouth could draw and our win would place us above them. We will tie with Sheffield Wednesday who have a much inferior goal difference and with Blackburn on the same difference currently will be worse off with a defeat. Not a pretty sight.

Those are the facts, and we can only hope that our performances with big St Andrews crowds can pull us through. 

I shall spend most of my time between now and kick off asking Our God Almighty for help and asking that nothing happens that will stop us achieving our goal. 

See you on Saturday.

Love Watto.

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