We asked for feedback and you have provided

We recently asked for your feedback on Season 12 of Tilton Talk and you have answered for us. The survey was based around 2 main areas, The show (Inc its content, structure and best bits) and the social/website content. Your feedback will help us improve.

Listed below are some of the key points and feedback comments provided

We asked what you enjoyed about the show ?

Here are a few comments returned –

Being part of an extended family 

Just the fun and banter on the show, and helping to get through the hard times. As a non local, its great to hear talk about the Blues too, dont hear it where I live!

The variety of discussion points, the guests, the best player in each position, and the last 15 – last 15 is a great way to lift a dreary Monday. 🙂

I’ve loved all the different people that’s come on the show, listening to their stories have been emotional at times but getting an understanding of how they left the club, or the impact the fans have on them.

To get our brains working for last 15, and to have different games especially with Paul’s knowledge, really don’t know how he does it but it’s definitely been great watching him reel off players past n present..

I also enjoy that TTS are there if u need to talk, they check in from time to time, everyone of you give up your time each week, to bring us together not just to listen but to be able to talk in chat.

Found it nice to listen to and share views, as exiled in Dorset and miss games. 

The guests top quality  Everything about the show !. The ex player / player guest shows. Craig has done a great job. The last 15. Paul Hipkiss memory man 🙂 loads of other stuff too, too much to list.

If you could have one thing that is not currently on the show or socials what would it be?

Maybe catch up with someone from the opposing team to see how they see the game that we are due to play or have played 

Chant of the week from home or away fans..

Presenters pick what team they would select for next match 

More interaction from the club 

Fans interacting more, fans asking questions that are answered by the club

Player of the week, think it would be good for the kids to get to know the squad. 

Watch out for show updates and don’t forget if you fancy being part of the show or supporting with sponsorship then contact us via messenger or Admin@tiltontalk.com

KRO and see you soon

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