Troys masterclass..

When Troy Deeney arrived, I said I was reservedly excited. Troy’s start, by his own admission was not as explosive as we, or he would have hoped. My reservations were sadly starting to become more like fears. Too many interviews perhaps, too much talk and not enough action.

Well Troy certainly gave a large and well directed finger to the doubters with an inspired display on Saturday. The finger is well received and I and it are firmly put in its place.

Troy put on a master class of centre-forward play, reminiscent of the great Fred Pickering. Troy has the same body shape and power that Fred possessed. You didn’t bully Fred and by the middle of the second half on Saturday Troy Deeney was untouchable. He won headers at will and scored with a top-class goal. He set up Hoge’s one on one chance and the winning goal by McGee.

Not only was it a great win but a great football match. Atmosphere and excitement not seen since the famous end of season classic against Fulham a year or two ago. It was the first win this year when we have conceded a goal. The usual reaction to a set back has been a noticeable slump in confidence. Not Saturday, when the boys carried on battering Swansea until the job was done.

And so, to Saturday. Middlesbrough has been a decent place for points acquiring points recently. A one nil win last season and Neil Warnock very upset about something. I can’t remember what his many gripes we about last year but repeat performance by Blues and Neal would be great.

Finally did anyone miss Jude Bellingham’s goal for Dortmund last week? If you did then get on YouTube and watch and wonder. BSV have slapped a £101m fee on his head, which is frankly an insult. We have seen what you get for that kind of fee. Basically, a flat-footed Kelly doll who keeps falling over. As Blues are only due 5% of his add on fee so hopefully, he will stay in Germany a while until his fee reaches a more realistic £300m.

Stay Safe and #KRO

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