2 games, no goals and no points. What’s the chairman’s thoughts

Hi Bluenoses, everywhere.

Its Friday, and as I prepare to venture along the south coast to see my once exciting Blue-boys I wish I had waited another 24 hours before committing myself to train tickets.  After Middlesborough, where preparation had been brief in spite of over 2 weeks gap since we gubbed the baggies with display of powerful and dominating football, surely, we would get back on track on Wednesday night. It was not to be, and Hull outplayed us in every department and Rosenior our Wayne’s former underling humiliated his former boss.

Two games, zero points, zero goals and a drop of eight places in the table. Nice start “our Wayne”. Now I’m sure that Rooney and his staff know now, if they didn’t know before, they are not what Birmingham City need or want. The previous management team had one thing over the newcomers and that they were in touch with the club. Either Brummies or people involved with the club gave you an assured feeling that our Club was in good hands, The down moments you could put down to the non-availability of players, but the ups were made with these handicaps still in place.

Wayne and his crew inherited a club who was buzzing. The fans were excited and reveling in a season where at last we were capable of challenging at the top end of the table instead of scraping around at the basement hoping someone would get docked a few points and keep us in the division.

When you look at our bench now these strangers are looking at each other bemused. Ashley Cole giggling along with the opposition. Maik Taylor who survived the cull grim faced and thinking that the new guys are in charge, get on with it. 

They look like a group that have turned up at your house, drunk all your booze and have knicked your seat on the settee to watch Match of the day. 

The idea that getting famous names in our management set up will impress the American audience is also ludicrous. 90% of the US population don’t know or care who Wayne Rooney is. The other 10% will look at his record at DC United and will have him pegged as a loser. 

We now know that there will be no challenge for the top six, no exciting cup runs and no freedom from the drop with 4 games to go. No time to experiment, where we get beat in those 4 games, and a mid-table position which some have cherished over the years becomes 17th. YUK!

God bless you all.

Anyway, look out for ‘Watto’s Weekly Live’ on You Tube, Twitter and Facebook


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