Hey Jude…won’t let us down

We asked our group members for thoughts on Jude Bellingham, especially after his excellent performance against Iran.

This world cup will transform his life. I think a mega club will come in for him, followed by a couple more massive clubs can see Madrid or possibly Liverpool his next destination. Possibly the latter as his family are living apart at the moment?

I have no idea if England will win this cup, but he is destined for the captains armband. We were blessed to have him though, albeit short, and we certainly have a stronger bond than most as we nurtured him….helps that he is a fan like us!!

Imagine him coming back to play for Blues when he’s won everything to win in the game

Live your life son…
Always remember where you started and when you are from……
I was the proudest Blue when you scored however was even prouder watching you growing into THE BEST FOOTBALLER on this planet…..
Biased … Yes….
But 19 you tell me better,?

Do you reckon we’ve got a chance of a season-long loan for next season? 🤣😉

Hang on…….
Charlton brothers were ENGLISH LEGENDS
That was then and this is now….

Jude is just a natural at the game and when interviewing has a head a lot older than he is on his shoulders. He will win the ballon dor

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