What are we heading for in 2022? Firstly, scenes like the above i.e., minimal numbers allowed in as Scotland have already decided or zero attendance as in Wales. I am glad that the Fulham match is off for several reasons. Fulham is usually one of our best supported away trips but reductions in their ground capacity have reduced our allocation dramatically. My son and I, he lives in London, were trying all sorts of avenues to get to see the game without much luck. Just when Fulham advertised tickets for sale, then the game was called off. The old cynic in me suggests they were aware of the possible postponements and were trying to get a few extra sales. They know that they will not get so many punters in on a cold midweek in February.

What’s that noise?

Obviously, Blues squad is creaking with injuries and suspension and the influx of covid ironically allowing us the time to repair and replenish the squad. Fulham’s home defeat by Sheffield United was a shock and I don’t expect them to get beaten at home twice in a week?

Sadly, I’m becoming a Blues fan who believes that if bad things can happen then they will happen to us. Massive influx of Covid and next week’s must win game at home to Peterborough is also likely to go by the wayside. This will mean if the bad news wasn’t enough then we will have seen the last of Riley Mcgree. As last week’s “Watto’s Weekly’ stated hopefully that the Aussie would remain with us longer. What is the point of him joining up with Charlotte FC for a pre-season when he’s already halfway through our season?

The performance at Blackburn was nothing short of dreadful. How many of our team were beginning to suffer with Covid? Well, the way we played I suggest most of them. To make matters worse the manager’s announcement that Harley Dean would be leaving along with Mcgree hardly motivated his suffering team.

Football fans better get used to the fact that our access to the game will be restricted. With 80% of the current Covid cases being the unvaccinated there is no way that they are going to get in. Never mind the football fan these people are a danger to themselves and the nation.


It just leaves me to wish you all a



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5 Replies to “Blackburn, COVID, outgoings and the jab”

  1. A good post Alan. Dark days for us at Blues, but as you say at the end, get a jab. It’s one thing we all have control over and can help everyone that way..perhaps including Blues too. We’ve experienced enough misery or disappointment (punctuated by joy and success) over decades of supporting Blues to prepare us for disappointment around transfers in (or the lack of them) and hopefully once we’ve survived this season on a shoestring, they’ll be light at the end of the tunnel next year at Blues and in terms of COVID for us all. KRO

  2. A well written post Alan.
    I was disappointed to hear about Blues joining the ranks of games postponed due to COVID. However safety and health of players, supporters and staff takes priority.
    If the silver lining results in more people accepting vaccination then the days of COVID may become history.

  3. Trying to convince the unjabbed to get their jabs by saying it will work while trying to convince the double jabbed they need a third because the first two didn’t work.
    Stop spreading misinformation and pushing dangerous experimental gene editing mRna therapies, 80% is also a lie/unreasearched misleading information.

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