Dawn of a new Era

So on Tuesday the news broke that finally after months of speculation a new Era at BCFC could be on its way.

A consortium led by Blues fan Paul Richardson and Ex European star Maxi Lopez announced that they had agreed exclusivity, exchanged contracts and were at St Andrews to complete due diligence. Richardson also spoke to Local press and Sky News confirming that Matty Southall will be part of the management group in a CEO role. Finally Richardson confirmed that the current situation is that the initial purchase is 21.64% of the club with an agreement to own the club in full over the next 2.5 years. when pressed regarding this Richardson confirmed that its written into the contract for that to happen.

Blues fans now have the wait whilst the EFL complete Fit and proper owner tests and when asked by Sky Sports whether Paul Richardson could be owner in the next few weeks he replied with ” We WILL be the owners”

So what do we know

Mark Adams (aka Mr Robe) and Craig Courtney (aka Mr Fixer) had a chance to meet Paul Richardson and Maxi Lopez after the final game of last season. Mark had this to say following the announcement of the news :

At last, the new start we have all been craving. This great news follows on from the positive new signings that have joined the club in recent days. Speaking with Mr Richardson and Mr Lopez after the final game of the season what we could gather was a sincere and determined belief to get things going again, which hopefully carries on through til next may and beyond… no outlandish claims of top 6, just a steely focus to get our great club off its knees and standing tall like it should be!!! Hurry up Mr postman, where’s my season ticket?!!!

I was really impressed with the we are here to take the club forward attitude at the time from Paul Richardson, it really shone through the passion and desire that he had for being the next owner. The other thing that impressed me was that both Paul and Maxi approached the fans rather than the other way around. Paul came to myself and Mark to talk about the club and introduced us at the time to Maxi. As a bluenose he understands the fans frustrations and also wants the best for BCFC. I am looking forward to seeing how Paul uses his business prowess and how Maxi uses his footballing contacts to take us forwards.

What’s next?

The fans now also need to play their part, Lets remember the club has been in turmoil for a couple of years and things will not change overnight. we need to be the twelfth man at every game and support John Eustace and his management team. The club whilst being ran by Paul and Maxi’s team will still have Chinese involvement and with over 70% ownership will still have a say. Lets remember Rome wasn’t built in a Day, lets give the new owners time and hope that they can awaken the sleeping giant.

I am really looking forward to the new season and a new start.


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