Watto’s Weekly 2022/23 – Issue 1

Am I dreaming? July not through and the Football season is started? My wedding was on the Friday before the opening day in 1973. AUGUST 24th !!! We honeymooned in Manchester where Blues went down 3-1 at Manchester City. Perfect planning as my first wedding anniversary was on a Saturday! Leeds 3 Blues 0.

Without going into politics or Climate change we are playing a World Cup in an Arab desert.

Ludicrous idea which has messed up football all over the Northern Hemisphere.

So, with the shortest close season on record, what has happened at B9? Well, some looney ex-Watford owner appears on Talksport and geed up by another failed club owner, manages to get our manager sacked and then disappears down a worm hole again.

Our actual owners who were really guilty of sacking Bowyer, then appoint John Eustace as manager with a backroom staff that is so Brummie its obviously trying to artificially give the fans something to hang on to. Much as we would love only have Birmingham based people

Playing, managing and even watching our club, it’s never worked in 150 years so I’m not too hopeful.

But let’s see where we are. John Eustace and his Brum side-kicks are in my opinion no better or worse than any manager we have sacked in the last 10 years. I kind of like the fact he has had good times as a No 2. You need to step up sooner or later and we are as good as anywhere to start.

The proposed owners Paul Richardson and Max Lopez must have had input on the new signings, or at least given a nod of approval. The Brummie connection is there with Paul and Lopez is ex-Barcelona who we played once.

I’ll give my thumbs up to two of the signings straight away. Dion Sanderson’s departure was the start of our downfall last year. His return is welcome and we know what we are getting and he knows what we want.

Auston Trusty is 6’4” and a has a sweet left foot. He’ll do for me, the drawback that he is technically an Arsenal player and if he turns out to be as good as I hope we won’t be able to keep him. The Mcgree situation last year bordered on farce and we don’t want a repeat.

The Polish lad, and I’m sorry to say that what he will be known as, is interesting. The Norwich loanee was behind Hernandez in the Canaries pecking order last season. We failed to get the Cuban to return but got this guy instead. Blues are not considered a threat to them or they don’t think the player is. He’s made a decent start so we will see.

The rest, including Bielik if he comes don’t excite me much.  I would never sign a 35-year-old keeper unless he was back up and coaching the youngsters. Thorndike as a youngster from local sources has little to follow. Players in the squad of that ilk are poor.

There it is then, enough there for any self-respecting Bluenose to disagree with. You have of course every opportunity when …….


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