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Hi Bluenoses, everywhere.

Well, when you have followed the Bluepower as long as I have you learn that when things take a turn for the better then trouble cannot be far behind. While every Bluenose on the planet was celebrating a great day of full houses and a marvelous comeback victory, then our Manager is hit with medical problems which have taken him away for 6 to 8 weeks. I’m sure that privately at least he was sticking his fingers up to two former employers. Tony Mowbray has too much class to want to embarrass anyone whom he has had a working relationship. Poor man was on a regular medical check up when a problem was found that needed urgent attention. We of course wish him well for him and his family’s sake but each and everyone of us will be praying for him to be back holding the reigns as soon as possible.  

With our record of no goals in 55 attempts we managed to raise that tally to 71 before we ended the nightmare with a poke from Andre Dozzell’s magic left leg to secure the points from a frankly poor Blackburn side. Managed for the first time by our good friend John Eustace we wish John the best of luck. He’sgoing to need it!  Ironically, Saturday’s equalizer was almost a carbon copy with a cross causing havoc, the ball ricocheting around the box and this timeJordon James slotting home. A goal that was met with a tumultuous raw that made this old man at the far end of the ground unable to hear for several minutes.

We lost Kevin Long this week who has moved to Toronto. Lucky man to go toone of my favorite places on earth. Thank you KFL for your contribution to the cause and we all wish it could have been longer. You bolted up a defence when we were in need of some experience and class. Who can tell what the F stands for, Answers to the Tilton Talk show and first prize will be absolutely nothing. 

Congratulations to Marc Roberts who was a surprise choice for the Blackburn game and as Captain put up a top-class show. Ironically, he was blamed for not reacting to the Paik’s pass and allowed Jack Clarke to race away for Sunderland’s goal. I would have said it was more the Korean’s fault but both men rolled up their sleeves and excelled from that moment on. 

Sad to report that our wonderful ladies have slumped to three consecutive defeats ending their Cup hope and severely denting the hope of winning this league. They will I’m sure be there at the end contesting the final spot but need to get winning and stay winning for the rest of the season, 

.See Ya Monday 

God Bless the Bluenoses 

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MONDAY FEB 26th 2024

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