Hi Bluenoses, everywhere.


Well, I am writing on the morning of the QPR match which is now a must win game if we do not wish to slip into that mid table mediocrity to which we have aspired to for the last ten years or so. We have already slipped into the “one goal a game” bracket and that is both for and against. The loss of Jukey has coincided with a run of no wins in the 3 games he was suspended. Yes, it was a harsh decision to send him off, but it was petulant and unnecessary. At Watford, the usually calm and unflustered Lee Buchanan tugged back an opponent on the halfway line when whatever danger he may have posed could have been disposed of in the distance he still had to travel. The fact that Lee had picked up a stupid booking earlier should have registered with him before his impetuosity. These stupid decisions made by both ref and player hurt and bad officials need to be managed so as not to make their incompetence hurt any more than is necessary.


If Keith Stroud’s incompetence was a major factor to our defeat at Vicarage Road, then we only have ourselves to blame for the defeat at Preston. Totally dominating the league leaders and with a goal to the good, we managed to score the most ridiculous own goal. Bielik and Long managed to challenge each other without a white shirt in sight and the ball ended up in our own net. A Pole and an Irishman may have had communication difficulties but that bordered on lunacy. The second goal featured a number of missed tackles, players caught out of position and the keeper being beaten by a deflection on the near post. Had Buchanan not been sitting in the stands and been on the pitch he may have retrieved the situation.


The fact the game has been brought forward to Friday is annoying, both from a fans and players point of view. Had we won the previous games I suggest that we all couldn’t wait for the Friday night show down. The two defeats on the other hand make the reaction somewhat different. The legs don’t know if you have won or lost so until tiredness kicks in with about a quarter of the game to go it shouldn’t be a factor. 3-0 up and that tiredness won’t bother anyone. If the game gets tight then the bodies reaction gets into the players heads and the fans feel it too. 


Here’s looking forward to a week-end relaxing, watching a bit of non-league and hoping that the others in the top half all drop points.


God bless you all.



Anyway, look out for ‘Watto’s Weekly Live’ on You Tube, Twitter and Facebook. 


God Bless you all



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