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I must say to my readers and listeners that what I say and write in my blogs are feelings that are personal and as I feel at the time. I am not trying to make my opinion your opinion. Quite the opposite. I want to be contradicted and even questioned from where I come from. During the last few games, I’m afraid my frustration had got the better of me. 71 goal attempts before Aran Dozzell stuck out a leg and guided the ball into an empty net to give Blues a one nil win. At that moment Tony Mowbray was a genius whose years of experience had finally told with a canny team selection and excellent set of substitutions.

At the start of the game fans were particularly puzzled at Marc Roberts going from out of the squad to centre back and captain. By the end they were discussing his new contract. The man was mountainous and miraculous as he thwarted what Blackburn generously called a forward line, Apart from a flooky end where John Ruddy; almost unemployed, saved a point-blank header.and scrambled the ball clear as the whistle went. 

Added to our “goal glut” was the all-important clean sheet. Apart from the 95thminute panic Blackburn were nailed as soon as any sign of advancement was made. It’s easier to keep going when you are failing in front of goal when the fear of the opposition countering and nicking a goal  is minimal. The other problem is when you are dominating a match, and you lose a goal the heads drop. While the dominance may continue the opposition bank up and playbecomes more predictable as the idea of gambling subsides.

Well, a look at the table shows how results have helped our cause. Stoke’s’ 1-0 win over QPR was the second-best score after a 0-0 draw, QPR were pushedfurther down as the old “Cockneys mid-week rule” came into play. That rule states that London teams who have to travel north of Watford in January or February in midweek find the weather and conditions far too taxing as is arriving home at 4am, You’ll find the formula works at any level from national league upwards.

Being in this division for over 10 years has reduced the number of “big” matches alarmingly. Apart from the odd local derby nothing has really got one’s pulse racing. The visit of Sunderland this Saturday is a pulse racer. Our manager faces the club that sacked him and their manager under pressure as their play-off hopes faulter. Add to that a Bellingham in the house the expected full house should be rocking. I believe that our experienced manager will come out to the situation on top. Mick Beale lost one match in 20 at Rangers when losing to Celtic and never recovered.

Let’s give ‘em Hell

.See Ya Monday

God Bless the Bluenoses 

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MONDAY FEB 9th 2024

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