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At Tilton Talk we are always looking to help and support our listeners and guests. In order to continue with this trend we have an film exclusive for you all.


Meet racist Billy Pitcher…. He just woke up BLACK! Avid blue nose, Friend of the show and recent guest, Tim Faraday, plays the lead in this Very funny and poignant film. Due out in December, the film tackles the thorny issue of Racism.

Breakthrough film for writer/ director “Fredi Nwaka” “On The Other Foot” is both comedic and thought provoking.

Billy Pitcher … a London cab driver, a devout football fan and an out and out racist. He’s an overprotective family man pushing his white supremacist agenda on all those around him. When his daughter, who doesn’t agree with any of his views, starts dating a black man it tips him over the edge.

She makes a deal with her father to attend one of his ‘Keep Britain White’ meetings if he agrees to attend her partner’s African church. It happens that he attends on the day of ‘UMBADEHDEH’, a spiritual ritual where dreams or nightmares can come true and Billy wakes up the next morning inside a black person’s body.

What follows is a hilarious comedic journey with an intelligent narrative as he discovers first-hand what it’s like to be Black in todays’ society and why the world is screaming ‘BLACK LIVES MATTER’!

So who’s in the film?

The film features :Tim Faraday (Snatch, Gangs Of New York, Legend), Chidi Adjufo (Training Day, The Gentlemen), Pipa Winslow (The Crown,Torchwood, Rebecca, Doom, Blood Red Sky), Lee Charles ( Gangs Of London, The Courier, Final Score), Aurie Styla (The Living Dead), Peter Andre (Reality Show Celebrity; Global recording artist) and Lady Leshurr (Global recording artist)

The film is due for national release in December and trailers out shortly however we at Tilton Talk have been given permission to show the film trailer ahead of national release.

Don’t forget to spread the word and help this film fly.

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