The dawn of a new era

13th July 2023 will live long in the memories of Birmingham City fans as the day we got our club and independence back.

9am was a time all fans were looking forward to as this was the UK meeting time to sign off the investment. The day continued and then we all got the message we had been waiting for “it’s complete”

A new dawn is up on us and we more than deserve it! Keep Right On!

Paul Hipkiss

Knighthead Capital Management LLC (“Knighthead”) is pleased to announce that through its affiliate Shelby Companies Limited (“SCL”), it has completed the transaction with the majority owners of Birmingham City Football Club (“Birmingham City”), including Birmingham Sports Holdings Limited. Shareholder approval has been received which means that SCL, with immediate effect, has acquired full ownership and control of St. Andrew’s and 45.64% ownership of Birmingham City Plc.

Quickly the news spread and the excitement grew. Further messages came from the club including am insightful interview with Tom Wagner himself

What we’ve been waiting for for years. Lets hope there are more joys than sorrows from now on! Keep Right On!

Claire Giblin

Being a blues can be hard, we have had years of turmoil and every true blues fan has waited for today, a sign, a future, a clear direction of where the club is going in the next 10 years, similar to the gold Sullivan takeover

Dennis Bohemia

Fans are extremely excited and the buzz around the city is great. We all realise as does Tom that this is not an overnight change at the club and instead is a long road but that’s what our anthem states. The plans set out sound amazing, the building of a team and stadium fans can be proud of, the increased support and funding for the BCFC women, the investment in the men’s training ground and of course support and funding for the academy and Wast Hills.

Bought a season ticket for first time ever straight after watching Wagners Interview! …. Full of optimism for blues future. KRO!

Adam Wilkes

Tom talks about the club being not just a business but a family, a community and most importantly a place that a fan can be proud to visit, return to and remember. Fans experience is high on the agenda for him and the board so we now await actions

Absolutely buzzing for this new chapter!!!

Those who vowed to not set foot at blues under BIHL…. time for you to step up!!!

Mark Adams

The season is just over 3 weeks away and our first game at St Andrews is 4. There have been big changes promised and we are all looking forward to being back, singing loud, standing proud and most of all backing the new owners to the hilt

Keep Right On

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