The new look board

So with the completion of purchases yesterday there has also been a shake up in the board. Companies house has been updated to show new structure of Birmingham City Limited.

The revised board now contains 4 people including Tom Wagner from the Shelby group whilst 2 remain from the previous regime.

The new look board is – Tom Wagner, Matt Alvarez, Kyle Kneisly, Laura Torrado- Malley, Andrew Shannanhan , Zhao Wenqing and Gannan Zheng.

What do we know about the board members

Well we all now know about Tom Wagner but what about the others ?

Matt Alvarez is a world renowned film producer with movies such as Straight Outta Compton, Ride Along and Ride along 2. He also has links into MLS as lead investor in Sacramento Republic.

Kyle Kneisly and Andrew Shannanhan join as directors in Birmingham City Limited and come with a Wealth of financial knowledge experience and are partners in knighthood alongside Wagner.

Zhao Wenqing and Gannan Zheng remain as contact points for BSHL.

Laura Torrado-Malley is listed as secretary at Shelby Companies Limited.

Garry Cook has joined as CEO today and has been installed as a member of the clubs board by Tom Wagner. We will possibly see more changes as we progress with the setting up of the new club structure and more will follow.


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