The world is our oyster and exciting times are coming

On Tuesday 9th April we attended the open house and cannot help but be excited. Here is a breakdown of points raised during the ambition event

We are on track to double revenue this season compared to last and a target that within 3 years we are looking good at revenue in line with parachute clubs 

Wast Hills phase 1 complete and released with phase 2 due in the next couple Of weeks 

We have new catering company’s for next season Levy.  The new company serves at Wimbledon and twickenham

Our kits for the 24/25 and 25/26 season are personal to us and not just a template or off the shelf to be seen very soon 

They will produce a statue of Trevor Francis and have in place 2025.  Memorial committee already established containing Tom Ross, Jasper Carrot.  Events are being planned to celebrate TF including a footy game against one of his old teams.  Finally the Trevor Francis foundation to be included with the BCFC foundation

22 projects with 15 million spent starting in the summer these include new hospitality including Box to Box a new area under the Kop,  boxes in Gill Merrick and revamps of other current hospitality areas

Merrick to be updated to a new atrium area with views of both the pitch and town centre.  Some new boxes will have sliding doors so that the atmosphere and inclusion of being outside will be felt.

.We will be getting our own box park fanzones.  One will be backing onto the current George pub and the other will be a refreshed area at the front of the kop.  The new Kop area will be linked to a revamped bar where the happy abode currently is and will also link via a ribbon to the refurbed club shop.  The shop will also have a new entrance area  which will be facing the Kop 

Tom Wagner “it is your club not ours, we’re just looking after it 

Ignore the haters and doubters we are here for the long run, we are going nowhere and are about to spend Billions on a new sporting quarter “

They want us as a global brand no parties already interested in being part of the rise.

Talks about ticket prices are ongoing with packages to be released 

Not just a new stadium. Open 365 days a year, hotel, entertainment, offices and much more

62k capacity with ability to cater for multiple sports events.

Tom ended with an open Question and Answers period. He was very open throughout and it’s going to be a very exciting time. For those that couldn’t attend please watch the following recording from the evening

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