It’s often been said ” these guys know us, they understand us”

Actually, no, they don’t, Players, managers, owners, and investors know nothing about being a Birmingham City supporter.

We finally have a set up with a bit of clout, these people are big boys, but let’s not look through tinted glasses, these investors mean business, and are driven, if it means upsetting the apple cart along the way, they will.

Back to the opening sentence, they will not understand the backlash against Rooney, they will see it as a ” big name”

I personally thought JE would not be here at the beginning of this season ( glad he is though) I thought they would of emediatly bring in a big name.

I think it’s really a case of letting them get on with it..



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4 Replies to “All change? No change..”

  1. don’t think Rooney is a big name in management,Eustace deserves a good crack at it, but there must be better managers out there than Rooney, personally I don’t think Eustace will go but if he does graham potter for me kro

  2. Eustace was not under too much pressure last season but no doubt be under a lot more to deliver no doubt about it as the owners will have their goals for the season.l think it’s a little too soon to start guessing what is going to happen after 5 games,10/15 games in will give us a better picture.

  3. Don’t think Eustice is expected to do anything but show sound progression, which means probably top half. The club have invested well die a hsoe string, but it is still a shoestring (considering all the players released).
    Not anti-Rooney, but ai have no desire to enter a conversation about a manager to replace a manager I don’t want to replace. Also, not convinced Eustice would want to leave at this trejectory of the club.

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