International break, ladies at Lewes and Brady long passing pies

Hi Bluenoses, everywhere.

These international breaks are an absolute pain. Always have been, but as we come out of the first month’s league games every football fan in Championship and Premier are firmly locked into what is happening at their club. A start that is good, bad or indifferent leaves the fans of every club desperate for the next game. Righting the wrongs, carrying on with surprise wins or just getting the side looking better than mid table, cannot wait two weeks. Blues will be hoping that all the players both new and old will get fit and be ready for to fight to keep our undefeated League status and get a little nearer to top spot.

Above us at the moment are Preston Ipswich and Leicester. I would expect at least two of those teams to be missing in time for the next international break. The next two fixtures on paper look like toughies, but there is no reason Blues cannot get points from Watford and Preston and maintain our current position of fourth in the table.

Transfer dealing in the window which is another time of year that I detest, has not been disappointing for Blues. No question marks over any of the new-commers. Stansfield, Laird and Buchanen appear to be the highest quality. When we have a full complement to pick from and the niggling injuries clear up there is no reason we should not continue to deal with the top few places in the league.

The other thing that happens during the International Break is the silly season. Journos have to sell news and in time like this they are not too fussy where it comes from. Santa Claus to change to a bluestrip for away trips, John Eustace to manage in Saudi League and Wayne Rooney to manage England’s over 60’s girls. It really is embarrassing what even the local West Midlands Press try and flog you as truth when most of the drivel hardly warrants the description of ‘rumour’. How about Chairman Watto to have the position of pie taster at St Andrews when each morning Tom Brady will deliver said pies with a toss from the centre circle to the Jasper Carrot suite. Hey, wait a minute we might be on to something there. “Hey Tom, yow chuck it and I’ll catch it, ower kid!”

I will however get a small dose of Bluenose pleasure on Sunday when the Blues Women come down to Lewes to take on the bottom team in the division. The girls have surprisingly lost both their opening fixtures so far but only one team has won two out of two so far. I expect Blues to open account this week with a healthy win which could lift them into second place. Lewes is a Vegan club and its food output is horrific. A flask of Bovril and a meat and tayta pasty will be the order of the day.

I believe England have a couple of games planned when Jude Bellingham and 10 others take on War torn Ukraine and a worn-outScotland,

Anyway, look out for ‘Watto’s Weekly Live’ on You Tube, Twitter and Facebook.

God Bless you all


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