From Qatar to Meadowbank, Snooker and some lad from Stourbridge

World Cup first week was interesting, but my match of the week was FC Edinburgh v Alloa Athletic at the Meadowbank Stadium. Built originally for the Commonwealth Games it has been completely rebuilt and seats a massive 500 (five hundred). Having booked early we found our seats and immediately moved to somewhere better. The food was ghastly, but the games exceeded all expectations. FC Edinburgh (formally Edinburgh City. The second, second city called City) were 3-0 down after 17 minutes and pulled back to will 4-3 with five minutes left. The Man on the Mike was a lad called Einon Fraser who basically was filling his sporran as the goals went in. He and I got together at half time as I told him why a Bluenose from the 1st Second city was in the second, second city watching the former Edinburgh City) Hopefully he will get to form a bond between us.

Eventually got home for the start of the first World Cup to be played in OUR winter. Argentina, South Africa and Uruguay were played in theirs. The first World Cup played in country where homosexuality was a crime since England 1966.

I had a snooker match booked for the time England kicked off and having read several tweets from the London based press that Jude was unlikely to start I decided that missing my snooker for a poor England line up was not worth it. Of course, he did play and the news from the club bar filtered through that the Bluenose had scored. I held my cue stance as I smiled smugly and cut a difficult blue into the middle pocket. 6 scored and time to play safe.

After wrapping up the frame I went to the bar for refreshment and Sam the Man said 3-0 and the Black boys have got the goals! “That’s great “ I said, “But if Gareth Pizza Bag had put Jude in the line up for the final of the Euros, there would have been no Penalty shoot out to mess up and none of this awful racist behavior” Of course the Euro’s would have been one and Jude would be Captain by now.

As every sane Bluenose has been telling the Country and indeed the world just how good this kid is. The Media is choking in their complementary beers and the BBC look positively embarrassed. Midlands BBC in their article on Bellingham called him the Stourbridge born lad and failed to mention that he was Blues youngest ever player and scorer.

Interestingly I found some archive film of England and Brazil in the late 50’s. Two 18-year-old stars on the pitch were Duncan Edwards and Pele. I watched with interest to compare their performances with that of Jude’s against Iran. Now had Duncan lived he would have probably become England’s finest player and Pele to me was the best footballer there has ever been. At 18 these two were not in Bellingham’s league. I repeat, not in Bellingham’s League.

How good therefore is he going to become? 

Remember you heard this from a Bluenose. Stay Blue Stay safe.


Watch this space!

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