Birmingham city fans react over todays brilliant win at Bristol City FC.

Great 2nd half. Rode our luck at times but finally killed a game off. Building a great team for this season fantastic result

Koji Miyoshi MOM big mention for sunjic worked his backside off and juke two in two a legend . Tougher test to come. KRO

Sunjik made it over Belik. Kro 💙🤍💯💥 Undefeated…..

Sunjic MOTM for me. Bielik and him are an outstanding defensive midfield partnership. Defence looking really solid, Sandetson is loving the captains role. KRO

Still Unbeaten and looking strong in all areas. Hogan worked backside off again, midfield of the reborn Sunjic and Beilik looks great.

Bacca did well at full back, but his legs went with 20 minutes to go.

I can done it up in a one..or two😂 comfortable on the ball,at the back through to midfield,ruddy comfortable in the sticks which gives defenders confidence,attacking from dembele on on the left and baccs on the right,sunjic and beilik in the middle doing a solid job,James comes on looking like a man..not a boy….all good.👍👍👍

Good team performance, everyone played a part an really working for each other. Have to say Hogan is a passenger though. Back four looked solid but MoM for me was Sunjic


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5 Replies to “Bristol City v Blues, fans reaction.”

  1. Great Result,long may the good form continue and to be honest l do not think there is a stand out team in the Division this season so we do not need to be afraid of anybody.Hogan played quite well actually but we still need a top class Striker.Sunjisc outstanding as was James when he came on.Buchanan class act,shame about Laird injury.

    1. No Hogan kept their wingbacks occupied All game. I did not done that we could’ve been over run in midfield. It was obviously the game plan to do that. JE got it spot on tactically.

  2. We look very strong at the back. And we have quality going forward in Dembélé. And Miyoshi. Sunjic has came back a different player he is like a new signing. Miyoshi MY MOM. KRO SOTV 💙

  3. 2 games and then a fortnight off. Don’t think we need to be buying lots of players hwo could upset the cart. We have Oakley and Roberts back at the back in the next week. In the meantime, Chang or Bacunna can fill in. As for Dembele, he would be a miss but how good is it to have Anderson, Hall (back), Baccuna, Koji and James all fighting for 3 spots.

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