Headlines, unbeaten and Eustace’s iron curtain

We made all the headlines last week for all the right reasons. As the next match nears, our dear friends at Talksport this Friday afternoon we asking what was wrong with Leeds? When they got to us, they asked about Tom Brady and why Birmingham City?

Why not Birmingham City? In fact why has it taken this long for anyone with some real money and ambition to realize that an investment in us is a cert winner. Ask David Sullivan who forked out less than £500,000 for a club which fetched £80m. That was £20m more than Randy Lerner paid for the Vi**a.

Now then, Toms Brady and Wenger will not be on the pitch at Ashton Gate tomorrow and our guys will have to do battle without a cacophony of noise, fireworks or anything else to frighten the opposition. Of course, 2000+ Bluenoses will be bawling their hearts out and our new stars will know they are not alone. Bristol City have been our bunnies most often in recent years but last years visit saw us concede 4 goals. I cannot imagine that Eustace’s “Iron Curtain” will be breached by anything like that amount. As I have always said give me a clean sheet and I won’t be too unhappy. With our one goal a game record its essential that nobody breaches our defence. We may well score 2 or 3 tomorrow but we still want a clean sheet.

The first time seeing our defence in the flesh was a treat last week. Laird and Buchanan were top, top quality and the centre backs seemed prepared to do anything to keep that ball out. Add big John Ruddy to the mix and the back 5 is terrific.

Are we getting too excited at ST Andrews? I don’t think so. Why? Because I haven’t seen any other team who look like the team to beat yet.


Anyway, look out for ‘Watto’s Weekly Live’ on You Tube, Twitter and Facebook.

God Bless you all


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