International matches, Tilton Talk Nominations and possible Handbags

Hi Bluenoses, everywhere.

Well, it’s International week. That wonderful time of year when domestic football takes to the back seat and International matches are laid before us like someone’s Birthday party who you don’t like very much. You are obliged to go but you know that it will be rubbish and when you leave swear never to bother again. In the end only England of the Home nations won. Without Bellingham England are shabby and a 2-0 win against Malta with an own goal and Kane’s 62nd was an embarrassment. 

On the plus side Jay Stansfield won his first cap for England U/21 against Serbia, replacing Delap in the 67th minute of a 3-0 win. For Wales Jordan James played a full 90+ minutes for Wales in Armenia in a 1-1 draw. Well played JJ. It was a mature and dominant performance by your good self. Football commentary is another of my pet peeves. Listening to it in Welsh was a welcome relief from the Sky, BBC, and ITV drivel.

Well done to the Stars of the Tilton Talk Show who were nominated as one of the top ten best Football Shows in Britain. (which probably means the world). Sadly, they didn’t make the Top 3 but well done for putting Birmingham City to the forefront of modern football blogs. For the record all the panelists believe the new owners are doing a great job. Opinion is mixed on the appointment of the new manager but none of them are deluded, misguided or simple minded. These kind of descriptions are being bandied about, describing people whose loyalty and devotion to the club is undeniable. 

My personal thoughts are that we should look at the facts. Has “our Wayne” ever had any success as a manager? Which division did he land Derby County in? In America failing to make the playoffs is equivalent to relegation. 9th 0ut of 12. 1 point from 15 with a side that took 8 from the previous 15. These are facts and its also a fact that when he was appointed at Pride Park the majority thought he would fail. He did,

What also is a fact the Wayne Rooney’s name has raised the profile of the club enormously. We are talked about on the Tv and Radio sports Channels. I think the effect on the US media and population is limited and I suggest the Tom Brady himself has exhausted that particular market. The problem is that if you rely on gimmicks, you must keep coming up with new and more inventive ideas. Could we see a handbag slapping match between Colleen and Mrs. Vardy before the Leicester game. What ever new party trick they come up with then it will not bring in any league points.  

That’s a fact.

God bless you all.

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