Sunderland v Blues, Fans reaction

Blues fans give their reaction to today’s away defeat at Sunderland.

Need to get the basics right. Simple rule Clear your lines you do not concede. If I was playing and had been told to play out but I know it’s goi g to cause problems then I would simply clear it as far as possible. If I then took a roasting then I would argue, show some Passion are my three words to the players

Awful none existing defending. No idea what’s happened with Sanderson. Same goals conceded each week. Got to get someone BLUE in that changing room to put some passion into it. Gave them far too much space and we can’t play football we hoof it up to Burke and Jay. Long drive home! Joys and a lot of sorrows too!

Total sht!!
Why have we brought in this clown to try and manage a footballteam. The backroom staff just as bad.
Can’t even see any improvement from the first game.
All the hype of new owners is starting to fall apart.

Defence is slow, weak, uninterested and shapeless Sanderson looks like a manic depressive the way he moves around the pitch

I feel sorry for those bluenoses who have gone all that way to see a poor performance – you have to accept that Rooney and co just aren’t up to the job – the players don’t want to play for him do they ??

No surprise really,another in the very long list of top players,who were awful managers

Just got nothing to say. Back to square one. I just don’t see Rooney. There at Christmas. . I think he will be gone.

We Created some great chances, Sadly our Defence Wasn’t good enough. He’s got 2 weeks now, I hope he gets it right, As Im starting to worry, KRO AND ALWAYS SOTV.

Dreadful defending coupled with fear through the side. Not good. We are now giving sides their easiest 90 mins of the season.

I was sitting on the fench with rooney but for me hes not the man to move us forward and i dont think the playees are playing for him 100%

Rooney’s trial period is over for me, 1 point from 15 is not acceptable. The issue is Ashley Cole, ruined Chelsea, Everton and now blues. Cannot coach at all and is making our team a laughing stock. Relegation fight is coming and Sheffield Wednesday is now a must win. Absolute joke. This team cannot play passing football so stop trying to make them

So supporters who were bouncing at the beginning of the season with the 13 signings we made and saying they were good are now slagging them off and saying they are not good enough!!
Rubbish, the players we have are not bad, it is the management of the team that is bad.
Eustace had done the hard work by bedding the team in and getting them to play together. We had a couple of stumbles on the way, but we were 6th and the defence was solid.
Ruiney comes in, we lose 4, only score 2 goals and concede 11 goals and are now 18th. What progress.
This is going to be uet another long season and another relegation battle if he still wants to play to his strengths and not the players strengths!

Just got home. The ref didn’t help today. Some good stuff played going forward but as per usual, final ball was poor. Tackling from Blues was mainly good, broke up play well but quality passing was lacking. I honestly don’t know where Rooney goes with this.

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