Strikes postponed, sky not broadcasting and the chairman’s first Saturday game for a while for

Hi Bluenoses, everywhere.

Well after my first visit to St Andrews since the opening home game of the season I was happy just to be there. Good news is that Train strikes will be suspended for three months so its only the WMP and the Sky broadcasters I can moan about. The Boxing day visit of Stoke has been moved to 5.15 allowing the Blues and Stoke fans to tank up with booze all day. Ideal for a game where families often take their kids on a Christmas Treat or on a first visit. 

Saturdays encounter was a great game in which ‘Our Wayne’ and his backing crew actually looked as though they had been at work during the previous week. A surprise line up with Laird back in the fold and Burke alongside Stansfield made Blues look far more dangerous up front for the first hour and rock solid at the back. The second goal was a forced own goal which showed just how much the Tractor boys were in chaos. Their second place position frankly was a mystery. You are only as good as the opposition let you be. The fact that bottom of the table Rotherham, who lost to Wednesday the week before, also gave Ipswich a shock on Tuesday.

We should have, but we didn’t win. Laird went down with cramp and was remove as a precaution. Consequently, we returned to the back four line up from the previous week at Southampton. It took 20 seconds with this line up to concede and a further 10 minutes for the equalizer. We hung on for a point which was far less than deserved. I and the other fans although disappointed felt sorry for ‘Our Wayne’ seeing his hard work go unrewarded. The Manager will have to understand that if there is any misfortune around then it will find its way to St Andrews. It’s a factor that he and his army of coaches will have to contend with I’m afraid. At least for the first time since he walked through the door things on the pitch seem to be moving forward.

Off the pitch the stadium is progressing nicely. The lower Kop and Tilton are looking very smart and it won’t be long before backsides will be once again filling those areas. As a Main stand season=ticket holder, I still feel projected to 1961 each time I enter. Surprisingly the seats either side of me were taken for the first time in 5 years. I have to agree now that Tom and Tom are going inthe right direction. They sound like an old make of Sat-Nav. Like a Sat-Nav they know where they are going but as yet don’t know why.

God bless you all.

Anyway, look out for ‘Watto’s Weekly Live’ on You Tube, Twitter and Facebook


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