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Hi Bluenoses, everywhere.

Can I first apologise for the lack of last week’s Watto’s Weekly which due to the many goings on of the week and my sheer exhaustion fell by the wayside. I intend to  make up for the omission today.

Since the last of the Chairman’s output we drew at Hull, beat them in the replay and won at Stoke. Prior to that we had gone 15 games and gathered 8 points. Those 15 games were overseen by an individual who was never qualified to run a chip shop let alone a Championship football Club. Without him within 7000 miles from St Andrews we have averaged 1.67 points a game. Had he not darked our door and John Eustace and Tony Mowbray and had their combined record been active during those hellish days we would have 47 points and sat in 5th place. 

Instead, we plummeted to the bottom six as the clueless buffoon wandered along our touchline like a blindman in a darkened room. He was totally incapable of recognizing what our problems were, how to fix them or where to turn to get some idea of the culture of the club. In truth there was not much wrong with the team when he came and it was only his influence that changed what was turning into a respectable team, into a diabolically confused group of near incompetents.

“Before anyone starts “the players must take responsibility“ mantra let me say that they should have gone on the field and played completely opposite to what the manager had told them. Except of course they are paid to try and play to the manager’s instructions and any perceived contravention would have severe consequences.

When did I realize that Wayne Rooney’s appointment was a mistake? Well about a week before he arrived. I knew that he was not capable to manage anybody years ago. Great player, not too bright, from a bad side of a bad town and not really the material needed to run a medium sized multimillion pound business. Now the socialist in me says that everyone deserves a chance and background should not dictate what opportunities one is given. He was given his chance and as expected screwed up big time. 

Welcome to Tony Mowbray, who in his time in football has never as a player, coach or manager reached dizzy heights. Totally competent at all three and would never be party to any scandal related to himself or his family. In two weeks, Tony has shown more management expertise with us ,than Rooney has ever shown or is likely to show, Like a gardener Mowbray has planted seeds of solidity and competence while Rooney walked across the strawberry plants in his hob-nail boots. Then wondered why there were no peas growing. 

Blues win at Stoke was glorious, full of faults yet because of the support for each other and a clear plan of action Stoke were overpowered. A team who had humiliated us only weeks before while we were under Rooney was subjected to a lesson in almost every facet of the game..

Thank you Tony for relieving us of this heavy burden. Improving on the previous three months is a pretty low bar but thanks for giving us our club back.

God Bless the Bluenoses 

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Monday 29th Jan 6:30

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