The 2023/24 season is upon us and the Tilton talk team have put their predictions forwards.

It’s fair to say the league is harder than ever to get out of and also to predict the final positions, I mean who would have said Luton would be premier league and Cov would finish in the play offs after such a poor start last season.

Friday evening it all starts again and Blues 1st game is away to a tough Swansea side and could end up playing against ex blues left back Kristian Pedersen.

Read below the Tilton Talk Show host’s predictions for the coming season

Our thoughts

With the squad at it is now xmas – 16th and end of season 15th if we get a decent striker, Sarkic and a better centre half than Roberts then 12th at xmas and 10th at the end of the season

A new season upon us and a league possibly more difficult than last year. Regular viewers/listeners won’t be surprised by my mantra ‘mid table is success’ and thats what I am sticking with!
Its going to take a while to a) gel players and b) totally re-set mindsets on and off the pitch – so I am going to say we lwill be tucked away in 10th at christmas, and a healthy 11th in May. I certainly look forward to renewed enthusiasm, a return of the much loved Tilton Rd and the extra voices there sucking in last minute goals. It may be nice to break with tradition and win the FA cup too…..hurry up with my season ticket Mr Postman!!!

14th at Christmas and 12th may. If we get a striker and a decent cb then 10th. I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ve done to the ground and seeing everyone at the blues and hopefully having a good season

I think we will finish 10th this year a slower start just getting our foot forward. but start to kick on after Christmas and towards end of the season

I’m actually looking forward to have a team that are all ours and not worrying all year that loan players will be sent back to clubs etc , also the buzz of the crowd seem like we are getting “our blues” back

I think we need to be realistic this season whilst appearing to be exciting is also a rebuild. At present 9 new faces through the door will mean alot of work before they gel. I think we will be 12th at Christmas and end 11th. I’m looking forward to seeming what the new owners are going to bring and most importantly a fully open St Andrews

Thoughts on coming season, safe to say most fans are still being cautious..but optimistic. This league is going to be harder to get out of than last season, I won’t be happy with a mid table position but on paper that looks like where we will be, would love a top 6 but just can’t see it.
Afraid it’s another” building” season ( sick of that phrase) 13th.

More excited than normal this time of the year. I still have the nagging doubts about the squad. Not many of the new players have played enough or done enough for me during the preseason. Too many players out injured and not enough of the deadwood removed.. This time next week I will be ecstatic or morose beyond belief.

As for where I see us before Christmas. 8th to 10th.  

At the end of the season between 7th and 14th

I think at Christmas we will be 12th. I don’t think we will be that far behind the playoff places in terms of points because I think it will be really tight. I’m looking forward to taking 6 pts off the baggies again and trying to break into top 10 this season but I think anywhere between 10 to 14 is where we are likely to finish realistically.

17th Xmas (not that I’ve ever said that’s my birthday 🤷🏼‍♂️ 14th season end and I don’t mind being wrong if we go up 🤣

We look forward to a season of progress both on and off the field and hopefully the sleeping giant awakening.

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