Arguments with fans are different to those across the world

Hi Bluenoses, everywhere.

I am sorry this has come so late in the day. Every time I look at the news to see where Birmingham city rank in the world news I am forced to see the murder of small children and the argument about who has the right to be more ghastly to the other side. It’s sickening and I want it to end.

Meanwhile at St Andrews the good people of every race, creed and colour come to see if their new manager can get his first win under his belt as Blues boss. Wayne is of Irish extraction, probably Catholic but most definitely Scouse. I have yet to hear anyone say anything about those characteristics as reasons for him not being manager of B.C.F.C. That makes me proud to be a Bluenose, a Football fan and British. As much as I dislike those at B6, I have no intension of bombing the Holte End or destroying any of their offspring. Bantering and taking the urine is as far as anyone needs to take our rivalry. What is the difference between us? We all must work, and we believe or disbelieve in the same God. As do Israelis and Palestinians. 

Enough said. Our Wayne tomorrow has the opportunity to save his career. We play Ipswich, who are the cheeky upstarts from League one who have the nerve to do what we under the new ownership and John Eustace were expected to do. That is to challenge the teams in line for promotion. When John was here it looked like we may be in the running to do that. Our owners decided that things were not pretty enough on the field and made a change. Soccer as our Yankee doodlers call it is not like ice skating. You get nothing for looking pretty. Winning well or winning ugly gets you 3 points and anything else gets you nothing. Yes, you might get a draw but when did a team move 5 places up the table after a 0-0 draw. 

Wayne, please remember where you are. Your interviews are conducted in a foreign language, and we are desperate to hear what you say before and after the game. The PTS in the table stands for POINTS not positives. They get you nothing.

The “it’ll take time” diatribe wont wash mate. You have taken up an awful lot of time in getting zero points. You have employed 5 or six new coaches who seem to be employed on an add hock basis and appear when somebody comes to film training. What you never see is all of them in one place at one time. Ashley Cole who was one of our world’s greatest full backs, for example has in his short time here, turned our current full backs from steady eddies to confused buffoons. The defense as a whole was rock steady under J.E. but is full of more holes than a cheap colander. Wayne himself was a world class striker yet under his tutelage we have scored one. Before he came, we were averaging nearly 2 a game.

The Bluenose nation all want you to succeed and tomorrow is the day to start.

God bless you all. Hope all the

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