Blues fans react to last night defeat to Hull City.

Absolutely shocking football from 6th to 12th in two games Rooney is clueless


I wonder what the so called owners think of Rooney now ? 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ only we can self destruct when we’re onto something positive


Rooney, look at videos of the Huddersfield and West Brom games. 4-2-3-1 Sunjic and Bielik defensive midfielders gave us much needed protection for the others to go forward. It’s a system that made us so hard to beat and until we get new players in we cannot change formation overnight.
We look so open and both Boro and Hull exploited the space.
It is not rocket science to work out why we were 6th.
COuld not understand the subs- we needed a goal and he takes Stansfield off!!!
Anyway on we go. KRO


l just wonder what Eustace is thinking about now surely it tells us something, may have been same if he was not sacked, players are not happy, or just one of those bad days, l do know a little about football and l dont always watch the ball, l look to see who’s has put a shift in. But l cannot talk about the match because l have not watched the game at St Andrews.


Awful. What is our style of play now?? Not enough going forward and defensively we look like we’re being picked-off at will.


Watch the game Rooney is a lucky boy to get this job but seems less interested don’t understand why their have taken a huge risk with this appointment look the person across the bench from him Liam Rosenior goes into Hull City and their play for the manager and tonight their go above us when you look at us some of the players don’t know what they are doing and look beaten after Saturday’s performance. Joys & Sorrows KRO


I don’t care what tactics they were sent out with, what formation they were told, you put on that Blue shirt and you try your best. No one can tell me those players cared tonight. Lazy and couldn’t be arsed ti raise their game. 2 nil down at home and no one got hold of the game and had a go. Pathetic performance and they are lucky Rooney will get the blame. Wheres the leaders, wheres the fight, where was Burke all night for that matter!!!!


Why isn’t sunjic playing?
Bielik Sanderson both look shadows of themselves compared to under Eustace


Unfathomable tactics, I literally have no idea what was going on, like watching a kid’s school match. But the quality of the players on the ball tonight, overall, was diabolical.


The blame lies at Rooney’s feet for the overall set up but the players have to be accountable for their own individual performances. They were shocking at the basics but it’s clear that it’s because they’re struggling badly to adapt to this “system”, it’s painful to watch.


We made Hull look like Man City at times. When Jukey came on we lost the ability to press high up the pitch instantly.
3 centre halves would help, get Aiwu on there too and sacrifice a midfielder, it can’t get any worse. Can it?!


Doesn’t bode well. From the first minute rooney showed zero interest in acknowledging fans, in getting fully involved. His response to everything was to give off the impression he had sleptwalked into the blues job. Soul destroying to see.


Tactically all wrong. I know it’s only the second game for Rooney but I can’t see these players ever settling into the high press tactics that they are being told to play. The main problem I have with the high press, is every time we do this we leave ourselves far too open defensively, leaving huge spaces for the opposition to exploit like Hull did last night. Also the obsession with playing out from the back needs to change, we should mix it up by all means do it when we have the time on the ball but other times go more direct, otherwise we become too predictable as Hull cottoned on and everything we did it, Hull were right there pressurising Blues and we lost the ball far too many times because of this.


My advice to Rooney would be to go back to basics, revert to a more compact, industrious style of play. As these tactics just aren’t going to work, even in the long run in my opinion.


At present there is no proper shape to the team and Hull exploited the space between defence and midfield. A better team would have score 4 or 5 last night against us.

Sort it out Rooney.




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11 Replies to “Blues v Hull fans reaction”

  1. The blues players are a shadow of themselves. whereas under Eustace they were world beaters putting in a good shift; now they are reverting back to their schooldays of not having a clue.
    Never seen Sanderson so lost. Long also; Beilik, Bacunna, Sanderson, Jukeiwictch, Gardener all were useless; yet before Rooney were all decent players.

    1. What idiot would play 4-3-3 with the slowest midfield the Club has on Saturday and then plays 4-2-3-1 on the following Wednesday and drops Sunjic one of the two lynchpins of that system,it’s crazy and he risks losing the dressing room at this early stage of his tenure.The golden rule is to get the players onside and make changes to the system slowly which I am sure the players who have been happy with.We have good to average Championship players not Champions League ones for heaven sake and and many of them are too long in the tooth to change their ways,do it gradually that’s the key and keep the players onside but the way he is already going he risks losing the dressing room at this early stage.

  2. First of all it’s not panic stations yet ! BUT……….. Few things,

    The Good Ship Blues for 6 seasons has been Rocky to say the least, we just managed to settle the ship, feel good factor and the new owners go and Rock the Ship again. Ok cool, it’s your money and you saved us, you have done wonderful things for the profile of the club, made the stadium experience so much better and that is outstanding

    Rooney wouldn’t have been a choice of mine personally, I’d of gone all out attack for Potter. I cannot understand how anybody ! ANYBODY can come into a club and change a winning team sitting 6Th, Moreso changing a winning team with a new formation after 1 week of training while calling up a player in GG that hadn’t started a competitive game for a while is ridiculous ! Playing Sunjic a natural Hunter killer anywhere else than in the middle of the park with the basic instruction to break it down, hunt them down, get the ball, give it someone else immediately is a waste of his natural talent and ability !

    Logically you keep the same team while working on what you want to implement on the training ground for weeks, the lads know the current system ( Eustace ) play that until they are competent in the style you want to adopt that you have worked on in training !

    Now another thing ! I don’t want my keeper taking on and tackling attackers outside his Box! I want him saving shots and collecting crosses in the box ! he not a baller, he is a goal keeper PERIOD ! Now if you want to play out from the back you have to have good MOVEMENT !! You must move to create the space ! We are awful at this !!!!! Our movement is shocking off the ball and has been for years ! Drameh took about 3 minutes to do throw-ins ! That’s because of NO MOVEMENT,

    bringing on Juke to play on himself upfront for the last 30 minutes while Hull have been passing it about across the back running Stansfield about all game is stupid ! But Bringing on Juke upfront on himself and still trying to play out from the back and not lumping it up to him is worrying on all competence levels !

    The lads look uncomfortable and unsettled,

    Drameh solid, if we had 11 of him on the pitch we wouldn’t have lost !

    We gone from looking dangerous on the attack and fairly solid under Eustace only Norwich we was crap Ironically playing without fear in all other matches, To a team that look petrified, uncomfortable and unbalanced in every position on the pitch

    You watch soon as Laird comes back Drameh will get dropped too. Can see us getting hammered on Saturday, Infact can’t see us winning at all for a looooooooong time

  3. Now another thing that’s winding me up ! You’re saying one thing, doing another then blaming something else on the outcome !

    Fast no fear football and developing young players is what you told us GREAT ! ! yet Jordan James hasn’t started Infact you chose GG over James ? We got Junior Dixon scoring in the Under 21’s same team Donovan plays in but he hasn’t been called up ?

    We’re being told we’re going for fast attractive no fear football yet our coaches are both defenders ?? Would make sense if we had O’Shea doing Defence, an ex midfielder doing the midfield and you doing the Strikers !

    For the love of Sanity put Sunjic and bielik sitting and get 2 of the creative lads behind Stansfield ! Or go 442 ! We could play 442 in the first half then a completely different 442 in the second ! We have 4 creative attacking midfielders in Dembele, Bacuna, Miyoshi and James none of which you have played in their natural position ( I think dembele is best in free role behind the striker not on the wing ) but that’s just me ! There are so many options and staggeringly you haven’t chosen one of them ! Ashley Cole laughing and joking at the end of the game ! Either get serious or fuck off your name means fuck all in Birmingham son ! And don’t you forget it.

    My advice sit the players down individually and ask them what their starting 11 would be ! This exercise is to see what makes them comfortable ! If Sanderson puts Bacuna as wing back it’s because he is confident he is a safe outlet, if Sunjic puts James next too him because he matches his work rate and energy you can build an idea a framework of how the lads want to set up and play ! Comfortable means confident, Confidence means points I’m not saying you pick one of their lineups that’s your job, but you can get an understanding of what makes the lads tick

    Nothing we have been told makes any sense whatseover ? Soon as I heard the ‘ Pace ‘ comment for Middlesbrough my stomach sank ! Sunjic and GG in the middle does not give you pace ! GG has an engine and is capable of bursts but not pace for 90 minutes, Sunjic is like a rabid dog in the middle but he isn’t packed full of pace ! You got a natural centre mid coming out to the wing to collect the ball played out from the back leaving the middle empty !

    Football is all about opinions I’m not saying I’m right ! But Wayne everything you have done is so far is wrong !

    Sit down with the lads, put all ego’s aside and do what’s best for the football club and the fans ! Honestly if someone can get us firing we are a massive club with huge potential !

    It’s obvious the lads wanted to play for John, and they was confident. We wasn’t perfect and we had players to come back !

    We looked like a non league side in the FA cup last night and Middlesbrough wasn’t much better

  4. And I bet you we are stuck with Rooney no matter what for the 3 year contract

    Big John Ruddy been up there for player of the season so far ! First thing you say is you want someone else ?

    The man is 40, he a big old fashioned goalkeeper and you want him playing it out from the back like Peak Rene Hagita running down the wing

    Knighthead and Gary Cook I hope you learn from this nonsense, I said to my sister when you purchased us and the players were coming in if your gonna change the manager do it now and get someone with experience, promotions under their belt ! No problem with that although harsh on Eustace !

    Everything you have done with this managerial appointment stinks

    We could sign Messi and Ronaldo and you play them at centre half because you want to play out from the back !

    Sanderson went from being a solid, outstanding performer to looking like someone you got out the pub

  5. My only hope is that we can get Laird,Buchanan and George Hall back asap and get youngsters like Donovan and Dixon in.

  6. Also where is Tom Brady ?? I thought he was going to be hands on with the the nutrition, fitness, winning mentality ? All I see is him commentating on American Football in the states ! You just blamed the lads fitness ?? Where’s Tom ? Looks more and more like a PR stunt, cool exposure and all that to raise the revenue blah blah, strange how many teams in the championship spend hardly any money yet look very competent.

    My side, with absolutely nothing to lose would be……..


    If that’s not working switch out….

    Miyoshi > Dembele
    James > Bacuna

    And I don’t need £1.5 mil a year and 2 coaches to work that one out 👍🏻

  7. Last thing I know I’m waffling on

    I believe craig Gardner could manage the team better than Rooney anyday of the week 👍🏻

  8. Doesn’t matter who you bring in and how much you spend if you are incapable of putting players in there most natural confident positions your never going to achieve anything

    That’s the fact of it all, I couldn’t sleep last night because my brain could not comprehend bringing on Juke upfront on himself then still trying to play the ball out instead of launching it, even if you get the ball out of defence, through midfield. What is Juke gonna do on himself ? He ain’t got the pace to run in behind anybody ! But he is a monster in the air, not a single cross come into that box. How is it more beneficial to knock the ball around Defence for 5/6 passes looking uncomfortable to then be forced to launch it into No mans land than it is to launch it straight away, look for the second ball, knock down, apply pressure to their defenders, get up the pitch, throw’ins. Corners ?????

    None of it makes fucking Sense ! It’s a huge mistake once again and it’s going to get very nasty and toxic down St Andrews 100% and the Owners will blame the fans when it’s them that have caused the issue,

  9. it’s got to change or we will slide further down the table good to see the players telling Rooney how they want to play let’s see if he listens kro

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