Southampton v Blues- Fans Reaction

Fair to say Blues fans are a bit angry…

He’s got to play jay. When we scored we had a bit of fight and passion. The manner of the defeats is worrying big time. We need laird and Buchanan back asap as all the goals came from wide and the full backs not doing his job properly. I worry about next 2 games and can’t see us getting anything from them but I hope we do. Long journey back…

He faces a mountain after 3 games to win any trust whatsoever.

Where will Blues next points come from? Can’t see us getting anything in November, might sneak a 0-0 at home to Rotherham in December!

Zola part 2, Rooney is asking players to do things they simply are not comfortable with but the most important fact is the players do not believe they can win. Next game 4-0 to Ipswich. Must work to the players strengths and then change January

It was a stone wall penalty! Better second half, Stansfield made a difference and gave us more energy. You can’t blame Rooney for everything, we’re woefully short in some positions because of the injuries. We’re Birmingham City we fight to the end!

I am not a Rooney at all but this is my club and support the club no matter what even if they have made a huge cock up trouble is fans and board and players were all together now there seems to be a split all have to put our differences a side and support our team not there’s because they come and go we will always be there KRO

I can name on two fingers how many past managers have beaten Southampton, I’m still giving him time and patience kro

Apart from a 15 minute spell in the second half that was difficult to watch.
In 3 matches I have gone from “looking forward to the game” to “how many are we going to lose by”.
People saying that they are a “premier team, quality players which we don’t have” probably forget we brought in over 10 players in the summer and apart from maybe Burke we were all enthusing about them. For me you can forget previous seasons and analyse why we were 6th 3 games ago.
Yes we had a bad spell but apart from Norwich we were as good as the opposition e.g. Watford and Preston where we played really well. No one wants to lose but it’s the manner in which we are losing. We were giving 100% under Eustace and the players worked for each other, the manager and us fans.
We do have to move on, but the way we have lost our 3 matches under Rooney is worrying – no pattern, different formation, players playing out of position, players not knowing if a good performance means they start the next match and we are so easy to play against.
Rooney needs to engage more with players and fans and publicly saying that the players are not fit is a no no in my book – that should stay behind closed doors.
People say you have to give it time, transfer window etc but for me come January it may be too late if this management style and form continues. We had a formation that was working, players happy where they were playing and a manager that was passionate about the club and players on and off the pitch.
Rooney may be well advised to sit down with his coaches and look how this came about.

I don’t get his obsession with setting them up 433 – which becomes a 451 when we have limited possession. In recent months we have often had little possession, but when set up as a 4231 we look much sounder defensively. We are never going to outscore teams in a slugfest, so first and foremost we need to get back to keeping clean sheets. And at the moment we look incapable of that for even 45 minutes.

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