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5 Replies to “The chairman has spoken after the game against Southampton.”

  1. Nicely put Watto. We cannot have part coaches and need people who are 100% committed to the cause. My question is that why couldn’t this playing evolution have occurred under Eustace. Rooney is trying to change too much too quickly. Most feel Eustace was unfairly sacked and WR has done nothing to warrant the job. We get behind the team regardless but we feel it’s gonna be Zola 2.0.

  2. As l have said many many times before we have good to average Championship players but so do a lot more Championship teams.You can get out of this League without being a easy on the eye team as Luton proved last year so with a strong Team ethic and a fair dose of skill we can get promoted but it does not need the disruption we have had.Then hard work for any promoted club is staying there but l think we have the owners now who will back us when that time comes but we need a strong team spirit as shown by Ipswich this term.

  3. I was at the game. Did anyone see Rooney getting mad with Ruddy.
    I must admit Ruddy just booting the ball straight up field is a bit old school.

  4. I agree with Tracey’s comments and the clear expression of them. Citing Luton as an example of how to achieve promotion without playing too much ‘easy on the eye’ football is a credit to Luton & Rob Edwards whilst giving hope to many Championship teams. Further to Tracey’s reference to team spirit such as Ipswich I would add Blues ‘ collective spirit under Eustace.

  5. I too was at the game, Southampton is a lot closer than travelling to Brum.
    I slightly disagree with the comments on fullbacks, for me Longelo was at fault for 2 of the goals, add that to Hulls Longelo mistakes and that should see him rested for next 7 or 8 games. You can’t really call either player fullback because although going forward they are OK ?, their defending is atrocious. They both position themselves as central defenders or midfield players, the wings are wide open, a fact exploited time and time again by Boro, Hull and Southampton. I still cannot get a grip on our substitutions. Playing a team like Southampton, we needed a proper back 4 and either 4 or 5 in midfield. We needed to stifle and frustrate their style of play. We made them look like Man City or Arsenal, it was embarrassing at times

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