Blues time in the Championship is over, these are the thought of Blues fans.

.Owners to blame! Who sacks someone when were 6th????

If the season was a shambles how did we get 50 points. For me our fate was decided in January not getting help for Jay Stansfield up front

It’s the end of an era for some at the club but we start the serious job today.

Will be having a big bonfire tonight in the back garden so if anyone wants to drop off the deadwood I’ll be happy to use it for pot ash on my allotment after the fire


I called it – lose and down, better than to get spanked and drop. Some pride restored.

We will be back, bigger, better and stronger. Look out League 1 your top strikers will be ours come August kick off. You heard here first KRO💙💙💙

We got what we deserve, a lot of the players have been shocking over the season.KRO

Tom Wagner needs to rip it up and start again. Including getting rid of Garry Cook, who needs to carry the can for one of the biggest misjudgements of the past decade.

It’s been coming for 7 seasons and we just lost too many 6 pointers but I have blue blood in my veins passed down many generations and will be back next season. Best wishes to the 15 players leaving the club KRO

We didn’t go down today we went down months and months ago we’ll bounce back KRO

Our own fault, but let’s get behind the club for next season & get us promoted!

Deserve to go down to be honest, the recruitment in the summer was disappointing with buying midfield players and the employment of Rooney was disgusting.

Let pull our socks up this summer and get ready to come back up we’ve got the backing now it’s a shame we were ruined by certain managers but we’re blues we will be back kro

First of all I hope the fan is okay.
We got what we deserve simple has that . A lot of changes need to be made in the backroom and of course players . The only people I give a toss about now at this difficult time are the people who probably going to loss their jobs cause of are pathetic team who run by a pathetic recruitment structure who want to buy more midfielders then god then the two things we needed a striker and defender and what did we get a midfielder from QPR . The only positive of the day was the fans they were amazing proud to be a bluenose. Got help us in league 1. #KRO

Expected it overall. Although for all the other teams around us to win was typical blues. Can’t say we didn’t deserve it. Months ago people were saying we were too good to go down. Writing was on the wall way back. On a positive note, we really need to smash league one to bits next season

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