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Hi Bluenoses, everywhere.

Well well what do you know. After nearly three years of writing this column mostly about failure and various pieces of ill luck I finally have been told by a reader that our current position is MY fault. According to one of my readers who shall remain name less my writing replies to people to disagree with them,is because I hate them and the club. In fact, he suggested that everyone who voiced an opinion was vehemently disliked. Just to let everyone know if they didn’t know already that the whole idea of internet communication of this sort was to inspire debate. When someone sends me a message agreeing with me, I send them a like. When they disagree its usually because they don’t understand what my point was. I take time out of my busy day to inform them of their error before watching endless games from the past or sleeping.

All us communicators have the same problem in that we all know what has gone on in the last nine months. What we don’t understand is why. If you think that Eustace was useless and Wayne Rooney wasn’t given long enough and all the players we have are useless well you are entitled to those opinions. What none of us can do is come up with answer to where do we go from here. The same people are telling me the new owners are the saviors of the club. Well, if the first opinions are true then the last cannot be, The new owners are futures brokers who invest other people’s money and take a proportion of the profit. Even a bookmaker wouldn’t expect to take back a proportion of your winnings, Their expertise is in the money markets in a slightly dubious way,not in championship football. 

The truth is I don’t care what anyone thinks of me because they don’t care about what I think. If they did, we would be qualifying for the champions League Semi finals this week. OK still kidding. If an old man like me who travels 400 miles on a Saturday to watch a team that I love and take up to 18 hours doing so, can’t voice his concerns, then who can?

Here goes, This is a very serious situation. We are more likely to go down than not. Fans bitching at each other is not helping, Fans finding excuses not to go is not helping. A packed St Andrews tomorrow would ensure three points cannot be guaranteed,but it could help. 

During my 65 years of following this club the extremes of their fortunes is astronomical. I can say without fear of contradiction that this is nowhere near the worst position we have ever been in. It is also certain that the consequences of failure now will be worse than ever before, Equally the consequences of successfully staying in the division will bring success never imagined. Please don’t stop criticizing me or the club. It shows you care, Clubs who have big followings who care can be certain to remain and eventually rise.

See Ya Monday​ 

God Bless the Bluenoses 

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MONDAY MAR 18th 2024

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