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Hi Bluenoses, everywhere.

Well, no football to write about this week but thankfully Birmingham City remain the gift that keeps on giving, Instead of thoughts of burning my season ticket or jumping of Beachy head, (that’s a very big cliff in Sussex) I find myself uplifted extraordinarily. Don’t worry if you thought you might like me committing hari-kari or giving up my season ticket, I’m not so stupid and I wouldn’t give you the satisfaction.

Let me tell you how my reactions have gone throughout the last week. Firstly, up to match day I was entered into prayer with the Almighty. Nothing else seemed possibly able to change our fortunes. Well, you all know what happened then. Blues defense opened its equivalent of a Soccer Foodbank and Drameh and Awiu fed Watford’s hungry flock with their first win in 12.

The rest of the team then showed how indecent to punish the needy by producing 27 shots at goal none of which looked like finding its way into the impoverished visitors net. 20,000 sad folks including me trudged out with the thought that League one was a certainty. Where actually is Fleetwood?

Settling down to my 5-hour rail trip home I plugged in my phone and checked out the details of the day of disaster. Ipswich 6 Sheff WED -0 Stoke 0 -Norwich 3 Rotherham 0 Huddersfield 0. Typical that we could not match those results against poor opposition. A quck switch to the League Table shows the Boys in Blue have not dropped into the bottom three and in fact with those nearby having had their goal difference mullered of not improved we remained relegation free, What are the chances of playing three 1-0 defeats one place from the drop and still be out of it in the end? “Strange and wonderous ways his wonders to perform”

Despite a miracle there was still a serious situation. These new owners try and treat us fans like idiots. Rather like the government. Anyone with half a brain would have realized that firstly Tony Mowbray’s condition was serious, and the likely hood of his being physically or mentally fit enough to restart work before the season end a non-starter.

The position of Mark Venus as stand in was seen as a big mistake very early in the piece. Anyone with a record worse than Rooney’s is in the wrong job. Mark tried his best, but the Mowbury-Venus combo was a team and had never been tested without them joined at the hip. Poor Mark Venus during his after-match interview looked drained and was an ashen colour. He needed to be given time off himself. 

I was not at first keen on a stand in manager idea, having the memories of the likes of Harry the Redknapp. still in the recesses of my mind. The situation of our much-respected management team changed my mind. Thankfully our normally hesitant owners made a good decision (1 out of three isn’t bad) and installed Gary Rowett and his own team. Gary was shoved out of the door some years ago. It was alleged that he used his successful time at Blues to tout for other jobs. Whether that was true or not, how many other Blues managers have been offered other jobs since leaving us? Gary has never been out of work.

So, the second miracle is with us. If Gary repeats his win loss draw record he had with us before we will have 50 points. I don’t think that we will need that many


God Bless the Bluenoses

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