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A trip to London, by Coach, to watch Blues play Arsenal at Highbury in FA Cup tie.

It would be hard to imagine the happenings of that day as it unfolded. The coach journey down to London was uneventful. we did though have lots of bottled beers and singing, until we reached a couple of miles from Highbury. At this point the driver informed us this coach had issues and that another firm would be taking us home. The company was picking us up at Marble Arch at midnight (Green Line Coaches). We had to walk when we asked how we were getting to the ground. So off we set until we found a place to eat and drink, close to Highbury.

After the Game

So after the match it would be about 7 hours before we would be ready to go back. So during the food and drinks, the chat was mainly what we could do after the game. Soho was the winning decision which was a No-brainer really.

The game was a good display of football with Geoff Vowden equalising. He scored an all important header in front of the masses of blues fans. We had been avoiding the missiles (pennies filed down to a point) raining down on us. For periods of the game items thrown by Arsenal fans standing behind us on the terraces continued.

Soho was a real eye-opener for a young “wet behind the ears” football fan from Birmingham. Lots of opportunities to spend money at Paul Raymonds Revue Club and others. Whilst we were in one of the strip clubs we had a discussion with a fellow football fan and was led to consider a pub, The Star and Garter, in Bermondsey,  for a good nights entertainment with live groups and dancing.

Getting to the coach

So how do we get to Bermondsey, taxi of course. There were too many of us for one taxi so a second taxi was called for. I had always wanted to say “follow that cab” so I did. It took us to the Pub where a great time was had by all. Lots of drinking, dancing, singing although “KRO” didn’t go down to well with the locals.

Now at around 11pm we needed to get to Marble Arch. Not enough money was left to afford a couple of taxis so Tube it was. Lots of decisions were made to choose the right way to go. It was funny how no one really wanted to help get us on the right lines. Strange how no matter how many we asked no one knew the best way. However, considering the state we were in we eventually we made it with just minutes to spare.

Thank goodness the journey was mostly a sleeping one getting home safely. We ended up with the thoughts of queuing for the replay uppermost in our minds.

And what a game that was in front of a huge crowd under the floodlights at St Andrews. Blues triumphant and then going through to next round to play Chelsea.

KRO 😎 from Down Under


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