Blues V Stoke-Fans reaction

Blues fans Verdict on today’s game against Stoke City

Poor game, still shows we need someone who can bring a bit of magic into play,
Jukey miss at end of first half and jobes block at the end was really only few chances that came.

It was like a game of tennis than a game of football, also the fact that eustace didn’t put on any subs untill something like 82mims boggles me.

Roll on next game kro 💙

Awful from both teams

Nillest, nil, nil I have ever seen

We picked up another point is all you can really say about this one.

Totally shocking. Words can’t actually describe it. Thanks for providing NO ENTERTAINMENT AT ALL AT EASTER. Why on earth do we bother? They really don’t deserve us.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Coybb, you can do better in the next 2 hard games, KRO

It was a point more than we would got a couple of weeks ago KRO

Paint dry comes to mind

Needs to make subs earlier and sometimes not be happy with a draw. Needs to start bringing Jobe etc on with least 20-30 mins to go so they can progress.

90 mins we will never get back but we didn’t lose and keep an unbeaten run going into 2 tough games.

Awful, seemed like it was end of season today. I don’t get the very late use of subs, it was crying out for earlier changes. Can’t wait to get home, grab popcorn and watch highlights!!!!

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