Blues V Stoke, fans reaction

Fans react to the home defeat to Stoke City

Can’t see a stop to this free fall, massive change needed.

Heading into the 3 upcoming games starting with Plymouth we all said we should take at least 7 points from them… so far we’ve taken 1 from 2 games, don’t see us getting anything from the next opponent if we play like that!

We can not play out from the back so y are we trying again. So inconsistent it’s untrue. Lacked everything. Not good enuf. One week we r praising and the next the players r being slated. Trying to stay optimistic but that was bad!

Disgraceful performance. The players who fought for everything at Plymouth gave nothing bacuna nullified and we had nothing else to change. Donovan did more when he came On than some of the team in the whole game. Scratching my head to say why

An utter disgrace, abysmal defending(crock of shit) what the hell are they teaching em in training… to frigging stand still and wait till it’s to late, so many holes it’s embarrassing, should hold their heads in shame.. Don’t deserve to be clapped off when they just don’t seem to give a shit.
There not playing for the shirt, there not playing with passion, there not playing for the fans just lackless, no communication at all, blaming each other, us as fans shudnt have to put up watching other teams run at us, knowing full well that’s part of our downfall…
An absolute laughing stock..

disgrace that we lose at home to a team that hadn’t beat us at Stans since 1988. Rooney out now.

Not rooneys fault! The floodlights were too bright! Or the ballboys weren’t quick enough! Or the grass was too long! But defo not rooneys fault he’s a world class manager just unlucky.

I just don’t get it.
After a couple of decent performances, that gets dished up.
No words to describe it.
We always seem to have too much turkey and can’t turn up on boxing Day, but wow, that tops them all.
Just glad the Mrs “put me off going” and I had to endure a family event. But it was better than that match, and no 2 hour M6 stewing session to endure.
Still, we have Friday to look forward to 🥱

No desire for me. Stoke had the easiest win they will ever have. Don’t get why we fart about with the ball at the back when it’s clear our players are not comfortable. They don’t show for the keeper then when he launches it out they bollock him, make it easy for the poor sod. If you can’t play out don’t try, far too hesitant for me. Need to remember who we are and what and why we play for the badge. Workman like team and nothing more, always been the same. KRO

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