Coventry v Blues- Fans react to the defeat

Blues fail to spoil Coventry City’s party..Blues fans on the TTS Group react

On the beach .

Toothless in the final per usual. We have to try and bring in better. Limited budget – but Coventry & Luton have..

Think it sums up our day.. Abysmal, we just didn’t turn up and has for the stats, it proves it..

Even final score said we were awful, but I suspose if u look at it from a players point of view 2 games left and nothing really to fight for…🤷

If blues lost because they fought tooth n nail then that’s fair enough but through out the season we’ve played games were we haven’t seen bothered.

Well done coventry…
And safe journey home to all bluenoses kro 💙

Huffed and puffed. No real driving energy today. Never a penalty.

As usual let all those travelling blues fans down

Toothless, no pace, dire. And mentally on the beach.

That’s what you get when your manager is awful

Your thoughts….

The problem is the team is simply not good enough the kids will walk if they get a better offer which they will Hall,Bellingham and James . As for the rest of the squad the loans will move on and other than Ruddy the rest can go and be replaced as none of them are irreplaceable or can consistently play at a standard that is above average. We need to go for young eager players that can play two games in a week and not fill the team again with loan players.

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