Coventry v Blues Fans Reaction

Blues fans react to the defeat at Coventry

Rooney out. We did it to get rid of Dong now we have to do it again. It’s a disgrace. Only Donovan can take any credit at least he tried

Any manager without that “name” would be gone by now

We are sh.t.. Period..
We play like we’re in league 2.. 😒
Would love to know what the hell do they do in training week in week out that they can’t do on the pitch.

From the 1st minute to the end we were shocking M.O.T.M for me was Roberts.

Clueless. No Effort. Well not enough effort. We Need a Fast Striker.

Front foot football,no shots to save,open all over the pitch,Stansfield class around a load of crap & brings do nothing Burke & hogan in.Rooney just do one ffs

Shocking display from everyone. My MOM the fans their were awesome.

Don’t know what’s happened to bieliek he was the most solid midfielder we’ve had for years and now he looks like he doesn’t care less and the injury to sanderson sounds really strange Rooney said he woke up with his foot throbbing 🤔

After that showing, my kids now want a Wrexham top for Christmas as too embarrassed to wear the Blues top around town. Whilst these coaches are killing the team, we are losing a generation of fans

Genuinely believe Cole and O Shea could turn Messi and Ronaldo into useless players

I am numb. Speechless and numb. Extortionate ticket price aside, that was a disaster yet again and what can anyone see in that mess?

I just can’t figure out what is the x-factor here that has caused this abysmal free fall! Rooney? New owners? Current squad? Gypsy’s curse?? Supporting blues certainly is quite hazardous to one’s mental health

I would like to know what game plan we are supposed to be playing do we blame the players for not playing to the plan or the management team

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