As I write Warwickshire are desperately trying to avoid relegation. Some BCFC experience may be required. They could have called in Harry Redknapp but would have faced the prospect of financial ruin.

As you can tell in one of these infernal international breaks leaves me a little short of Blues stuff to talk about. I could mention Jude Bellingham’s magnificent performances for a frankly inept England. The London press have suddenly realized that Jude is England’s best player by a distance. It took the Manager 2 years for the penny to drop so perhaps they can be excused. Sad thing is that now the 19-year-old is now automatic choice the defence has gone missing.

Baby brother Jobe appeared for England U/18 in a tournament in Spain and like Jude was not only a tournament winner but was voted player of the Tournament. Under 21 place in the next selection please. Thankfully Jobe has signed as a pro contract and is ours for the foreseeable future. Now is the time to give him a bigger platform in our team.

Reports tell us that all our international players have returned undamaged, and we will be able to have all our players available to take on league leaders Sheffield United. Last year’s opening day opponents are looking a powerful outfit this season. Blues season’s best performance at Bramall Lane by far gave us false hope as the season started. We go there with much more hope being on a mini run, especially away from home.

While the month of September was not quite ‘Manager of the Month’ form it was certainly a notable change in fortunes and certainly attitudes. Manager John Eustace upped his standing. The main change of course was the greater availability of players. Not only numbers but in quality. There are still places in the side which need repairing. Eustace is getting there. Personally, my trust in the Manager has grown exponentially.  Like all managers John in interview tries to spin positives. “The youngsters are getting some wonderful experience”.  Well indeed they were. The problem is that the experience would have included certain relegation. Like us fans the management is not stupid and managed to sign several players of which Chong was the highlight, and the side was transformed. Bielik was also a master stroke and is yet to play on the losing side.

I will be experiencing my 18th World Cup in November and my first in winter. The whole concept is as ridiculous a Tory Budget. My real hope that its incursion into our domestic season will not affect Blues fortunes negatively. The lockdown was not kind to us, and this is a break no team could do with.

Blues for the play-offs or England winning the World Cup?

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One Reply to “Eustace is building a force and the Bellingham Brothers are top of the world”

  1. As usual honest commentary of the latest goings on and a real insight for those less fortunate to imagine being around for 18, yes 18 world cups.

    Well done to Warwickshire too for avoiding the drop. Superb bowling by just one man saved the day

    I’m on 12 as you cant include my year of birth as I came after the world cup that year. 12 th August 1970

    Keep right on Mr Chairman.

    An insightful read as always. KRO

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