Blues fans on the Tilton Talk Show group give their reaction on today’s draw at Wigan.

Shud of scored penalty, think it goes to show how poor we still are.
13 shots… 28% and 2 on target 🤷
I can’t see where the goals/points are gonna come from.
I would usually say I’d be happy with a draw but in all honesty… Disappointed cos we still can’t keep the win…

Performance wise, as I expected, dreadful. But it’s a better outcome than I thought. I expected to lose. No kudos in that though. Rotherham will no doubt have their best game of the season next week. KRO

Rotherham must win game sat back to much that’s down to manager we are to negative

That is football but a point is OK. Better than losing

Need to get a new younger side at the beginning of next season hogan being consistent of being inconsistent yet again his confidence is shot the juke I love but far to old back line to old with stupid wages. I will start Khadra next week for hogan . I predicted a point and show I was prove right . KRO Ruddy my MOM for that save .

Garbage. Just a matter of time before the equaliser. Euselles was playing for a draw.

Lily Pad better than losing. Why do we have to suffer like this?


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8 Replies to “Fans reaction Wigan V Blues”

  1. Agree,next season we assume,Colin,Dean,Friend and a few more will be moving on together with the loanees,pity Hogan and Roberts are not among them so another substantial rebuilding will be necessary so when we are safe we need to blood more youngsters for sure.

  2. seven points from the last thirty six says it all for me and the manager thinks we were excellent with and without the ball today laughable

  3. Yet again, only 2 shots on target, yet again, and against the bottom team in the division only 28% possession, yet again made to look second best by a team that most teams take apart. Perhaps after all these years of being rubbish we really deserve to go down. The style of football won’t get us promoted again, but perhaps the Chinese will bail out if we drop a division, but at least let’s go down playing real football not this dreary trash.

  4. The shots that hit the post are classified as off target. We just sat back at the start of the second half and invited pressure. I knew exactly what was gonna happen when we did that. At least we didn’t lose. Hogan just fuck off – you are shit. Start Khadra and JJ and Hannibal next game. Thought Bacuna was outstanding today.

  5. Scott Hogan is lacking in confidence, has been for weeks now. So why on earth let him take the penalty? If we had another fit forward he be hooked out of the team. Why have we not brought the likes of Kyle Taylor back on a short term deal? Jukey is just about running on empty, but still gives great effort. Tactics second half very naive in my opinion, we sat back inviting pressure hoping to catch them on the break, and guess what Wigan didn’t disappoint. Thought we could even loose the game in the end. Lucky some results went our way, but a massive missed opportunity to widen the gap. Khadra has to start against Rotherham, and we need to elect a new penalty taker, Hogan is burnt out confidence wise,what a different player to the one who caused havoc at WBA.

  6. Does Eustace actually think he’s a good manager.
    Same shit xvery week comes out his mouth.
    The players must think they are doing a fantastic job with the praise he gives them.
    John time to go.
    The Eustace is Useless.
    Take us down and suffer the consequences…..

  7. This is where we are,Hogan has scored 34 goals in his last 122 games and probably missed the same amount and Jukiewitz has scored 14 goals in his 110 games,l will say no more,now you know why we are where we are and the sad thing they will still be with us next Season.Hogan has 2 years left on a 5 year contract at ÂŁ23,000 a week.

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