Fans reaction Wigan V Blues

Blues fans on the Tilton Talk Show group give their reaction on today’s draw at Wigan.

Shud of scored penalty, think it goes to show how poor we still are.
13 shots… 28% and 2 on target 🤷
I can’t see where the goals/points are gonna come from.
I would usually say I’d be happy with a draw but in all honesty… Disappointed cos we still can’t keep the win…

Performance wise, as I expected, dreadful. But it’s a better outcome than I thought. I expected to lose. No kudos in that though. Rotherham will no doubt have their best game of the season next week. KRO

Rotherham must win game sat back to much that’s down to manager we are to negative

That is football but a point is OK. Better than losing

Need to get a new younger side at the beginning of next season hogan being consistent of being inconsistent yet again his confidence is shot the juke I love but far to old back line to old with stupid wages. I will start Khadra next week for hogan . I predicted a point and show I was prove right . KRO Ruddy my MOM for that save .

Garbage. Just a matter of time before the equaliser. Euselles was playing for a draw.

Lily Pad better than losing. Why do we have to suffer like this?

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