From St Andrews to the tower but results did not change

My plan was to do my Watto’s weekly after the local Derby with Coventry. Such was my devastation after the 2-4 drubbing, I was in such a low that the whole Watto-BCFC relationship was almost done. In the spirit of Easter and renewal of life I find myself writing this as we move towards the kick off in Blackpool.

My spirit is lifted by the fact that 3,500 Blues fans with tickets and a few more with just a day out in mind deserve a performance from the Management and the team.

Were penalties on Reading and Derby rescinded we would be in the relegation places. The table looks bad enough anyway and our ambition to reach mid table mediocrity looks beyond us.

A week or two ago I was firm in my belief that Lee Bowyer should be our manager in the foreseeable future.  Having witnessed his lack of antics in the dug-out in the flesh the feeling he is not interested cannot be ignored. That attitude purveys into the team and the performance against Coventry was beyond the pale.

Would I remove Bows? Not without giving him a good talking to. Would I be concerned if he was replaced? Not really!

Its kick off time, will report back will finish the article after I know what’s going on by the seaside.

Watto’s Weekly Part 2

Blackpool 6 (six) Birmingham 1

This says it all and I have to say in no way I am surprised. Bowyer will resign, I am sure.

All will be sorted out on WEDNESDAY night when the TILTON TALKSHOW talks to the air.

Bluenoses should not miss it!

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