Leeds V Blues, fans reaction

Fans react to today’s defeat at Elland Road.

Tired of watching it 😔 not really sure what to say anymore!

Ruddy MOM I know he should have saved the first goal but yet again kept us in the game how many times have we said that under Rooney’s tenure. Cook needs to take responsibility has well did alot of good work behind the scenes but what matters the most for blues fans it’s what’s happening on the pitch . You hire someone who has 28 percent win record and expect miracles the next person who has the worser record the WR is Michael Duff and guess what’s happened to him his sacked it’s a matter of time. Also why no Kevin Long ?

I am on a train with a sickening hangover but the stats and comments about the match has made it ten times worse. Time to go SURELY…..

Wayne ruiney is an appalling manager he won’t get sacked he won’t walk but his walking Birmingham to league 1 gary cook this is your fault for appointing your mate , a monumental mistake is gonna cost ya

Fans hate him. Sanderson stood applauding the fans after the scouse f@&kwit had the audacity to applaud the fans and looked like he was gonna cry. Feel sorry for Sanderson.

Fans singing Rooney out – if Cook doesn’t act now there will be a riot at the next home game.

Cook is an employee of Blues, he answers to Wagner. Let’s remember the investment Wagner & co have ploughed in to our beloved club, pretty sure TW wont hesitate in pulling the plug

Most predictable result of the day surely?
It should have been advertised as a Leeds 3-0 victory prior to kickoff

Great support today and on my way home. Ruddy has the distribution of a brick and cost us possession constantly. The ball never stuck up front, as it was Stanfield versus 3. Anyone could see we needed Juke on. The players looked completely deflated once the first goal went in and conceded there and then. Rooney is not inspirational to the fans or the players and the players look clueless. JE saw us as a big club and was proud to manage Birmingham and always stood up for the players. Rooney sees us as a small club and a stepping stone to bigger things. I’ve given Rooney to now and that is enough. He has to go or I am not going again KRO

If he isn’t sacked soon,there is something very wrong.
Any manager with his record would have gone weeks ago.
I expected to lose, only expectation you can have after what’s been dished up so far. But the manner of the defeat….

Even I thought things would have picked up after those first 5 “difficult matches” he had …but it’s just getting worse.

He really does have to go before it’s too late.

We are NOT too big to go down.


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